Thursday, 31 December 2015

Captivating Lines from Here and There-5

         Some great lines to welcome the new year and travel confidently into the year 2016!

  • A training and Learning culture in an organization is creating an environment where everyone teaches, everyone learns and everyone enhances their exceptional abilities.
  • Ability is what you are capable of doing; motivation determines what you do and attitude determines how well you do it- Lao Tzu, Mystic philosopher
  • The only way to predict the future is to create it- Akio Morita, former President, Sony
  • There are no problems, only situations to be dealt with now or to be left alone and accepted as part of the "issness"of the present moment- From the book "Power of Now"by Eckart Tolle
  • The thing to try when all else fails is 'AGAIN'
  • Regularly hold both structured staff meetings for reviewing progress and unstructured brainstorming sessions for idea generation
  • An excuse is just an explanation we use to ourselves and a justification for staying the same- Wayne Dyer, writer and motivation Guru
  • If someone is'nt what others want them to be, the others become angry.Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives but none about his or her own- Paul Coelho, author
  • 'Idea wading' involves browsing magazines and internet surfing of farther fields.Tom Peters picks up as many as 15 magazines from the newsstands and spends the entire flight tearing out pages from interesting and offbeat articles.
  • Work like you don't need the money; love like nobody has ever hurt you, dance like nobody is watching, sing like nobody is listening, live as if this was paradise on earth!
Here is wishing all my readers a wonderful new year 2016 with abundance in all areas- wealth, health, creativity, relationships social life and spirituality...

Friday, 25 December 2015

Psychological Football

"Your wife shouldn't have done that"she concluded
"You are right" said the son
"but why are you telling me this
and not telling her directly?"

"I am not your messenger
nor am I her messenger
tell what you want to each other
and leave me out of it

I refuse to be the psychological football
to be kicked around at anybody's will!"

Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Playing hide and seek
since last few days
enough of the hiding
oh, come and embrace

four days is too long dear
I seek solace, bliss in your arms...

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Landmark for the Second Mother ( Dec 2015 )

After your mother, your first teacher
the next most influential entity in life
is your second mother
your beloved School!

She gave not just formal education
but opportunities to gain confidence
to develop your skills
 through co-curricular actvities
for me, it was debating,acting,
volley ball, singing,  Et al

Come 19th December, we are all going
to the 50th anniversary
of our beloved mother
KV- Ernakulam

In her environs
was celebrated
the unity and diversity of India
with both students & teachers
from all parts of India-East,west
North and South!

Yes, all of us from various parts
of the country and world
will join hands to celebrate
pay homage to our beloved mother
on her big day, the Golden jubilee
a love and  service landmark
of  fifty years ...

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


It's so easy to debate issues
sitting in the cool comfort
of  your home or
airconditioned conference rooms....

So whether the subject is
eliminating attacking stray dogs
or doing away with the dreaded Bell curve
effective, persuasive debates happen
showcasing the shrewd language skills
quick thinking and sense of humour
of  the talented participants...

You are happy to make a point
proud that you chose the side of debate
the last spot, that had no takers
confident of your ability to excel on any side...

But ask the mother
whose child's  cheeks were mauled
and reconstructed after stray dog bites

or ask the fellow whose self esteem
 and self confidence scarred forever
on  rated 'average'consistently
then consoled, putting blame on the 'forced distribution'

yes, you can debate fiercely
so long as the subject
 has not touched you personally....

Monday, 7 December 2015

Tamasha- Movie Review

Imtiaz Ali, the director
has given us many good pics
the movie had favourite  lead players as well
so off I went to the theatre to see 'Tamasha"
and got not just fun & entertainment but much more!

If the first half set in Corsica  was more of typical 'Bolywood'
fun, frolic,dance in exotic foriegn locales
the second half, back home  is gripping, insightful
and if you can imbibe the message
I dare say, life transforming.....

While in Corsica, lead players
agree to be  free of formalities
let  their hair down and just have fun
without a care,without even knowing
their real names and agreeing never to meet again...

Returning  home, hero, Ved is back to a routine corporate job
fitting in, following the rules to the teeth
respectful to the boss and his chiding
and it is business as usual,

Who is the real Ved?
the one that was in Corsica
or the one back in India?
How many of us have a lot of Ved in us
just going through the motions
speaking, reacting or laughing as per the norm
not of our free will...

It's good to see movies that set you thinking
rolling out  from the 'Bollywood' stables
is the industry slowly coming of age?
don't know for sure, maybe with time
but, 'Tamasha' is one movie
that stole my head and heart...

Kudos to  Imtiaz, Deepika and Ranbir
to Vivek Mushran who played boss
to all who contributed before and behind camera
of this enjoyable, insightful  film!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Captivating Lines from Here and There- 4

  • Marketing is so basic that it cannot be considered a separate function.It is the whole business seen from the pont of view of its final result, that is customers' point of view. Concern and responsibility for marketing must therefore permeate all areas of the enterprise- Peter Drucker, Management Guru
  • Champions are made from something they have deep within them- a desire, a dream, a vision.They have to have the will and the skill.But the will must be stronger than the skill- Muhammad Ali, Boxer 
  • The service of India means the service of the millions who suffer. It means ending of poverty, ignorance, disease and inequality of opportunity - Jawaharlal Nehru
  • The man who really wants to do something  finds a way, other man finds an excuse.
  • You must have a vision of the future in order for the future to surprise you, for without visions life dwindles into rituals and repetition. A future that merely repeats the present can never be surprising.
  • Find a job you love and you will never work again
  • The business of business is people.If you forget that basic truth, you can close the doors of your business right now! - Lawrie.A.Broedling,TQM expert
  • We are CEOs of our own companies: Me company. Our most important job in business today is to be head Marketer for a brand called 'You' - Tom Peters, management Thinker & Author 

For background to posting these quotes, see 

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Captivating Lines from Here and There- 3

  •      Every Event that baffles you today had its seed in an intention yesterday
  •      By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you will be happy. If you get a badone, you will become a philosopher- Socrates
  •     What is team spirit? It is nothing but a collective desire to win- Kapil Dev,Cricketeer
  •     If you give people goals that are too difficult, they will get discouraged, if their      goals are too easy, you will drain their self-esteem- Ken Blanchard,Author&        Management expert      
  •   Often the arrogant are difficult to recognize at first because they do not exhibit   this  to those who are important to them- Philip.B. Crosby, Quality Guru
  •    Individual  learning is in a sense irrelevant to the organization. What sets apart  great organizations is their immense ability to raise their learning and their  capabilities collectively as an organization.
  •   Indians love to be strategic; they love the big idea but the execution part tends to  get messed up. Strategizing also requires an ability to execute, to direct, to  monitor and articulate the strategy into a set of tasks. That point is missed totally-  Ted Turner, Director, Systems, Pentaff
  •    Stop writing other person’s life scripts. Focus on your own script.They will find  their way- Sister Shivani, Brahmakumaris
  •   Accept everything. Resistance only makes the nondesired thing even more  powerful- sister Shivani,Brahmakumaris

Friday, 20 November 2015

Beyond Boundaries

Everything said and done
free birds love flying
beyond boundaries

Poetry, music, cricket
beyond copy book
beyond the notes
beyond restrictions of  five,seven, five....

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

It's a Pity!

It’s a pity that you neither had
the courage or the conviction
to speak out your real feelings,
thoughts and opinions

It’s a pity that you had to wait 13 years
to speak- to communicate
It’s a pity that you chose instead
to ruin 13 years of your life and mine...

Communication is the essence
of any relationship
a platform that clears, clarifies
and removes misunderstanding
It’s a pity that your closed nature shut out
the very life blood of life

At least now after 13 years,
I am able to understand
the reasons for your weird behaviour
the pendulum swings in mood
the self-destructing demeanour

Perhaps there is a purpose in
Your being what you are
And my being what I am
May God give you strength and wisdom
to know the truth, not half truths
to truly open up and communicate…

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Captivating Lines From Here and There- 2

  • It is not people that are a company's pricipal asset, it is the enthusiasm of its people- Jack Welch, former CEO General Electric
  • A good worker takes his work and not himself seriously
  • A man with one watch knows what time it is.A man with two watches is not sure.Most of our institutions have too many watches
  • If I had 8 hours to chop a tree, I would spend 6 hours sharpening my axe
  • The past is history; the future is a mystery and this moment is a gift.That is why it is called" "the present"
  • People with humility don't think less of themselves.They think less about themselves.
  • We shape our habits; then our habits shape us- Stephen Covey
  • The secret of success on the job is to work as though you were working for yourself-  Lair Rebeiro
  • The service of India means the service of millions who suffer.It means ending of poverty, ignorance, disease and inequality of opportunity- Jawaharlal Nehru
  • The sign on the door of opportunity says "PUSH".
  • Be kind to unkind people,they need it the most.
  • The only disability in life is a bad attitude- Scott Hamilton

Monday, 9 November 2015

The Intern- 2015 (Movie Review)

Wary of English films these days
which almost invariably seem
to be dipped in violence & the macabre
I stay yards away; occasionally reminiscing of
the older movies that had so much more
 variety of subjects and content  …

On a strong recommendation though
after a gap of very many years
I set out to watch the “The Intern”
with spouse in tow

The title role essayed by a veteran
 “The Intern” did not disappoint
Instead it reminded me, of earlier times
a period of nostalgia, when I, an Indian
had watched so many Hollywood movies!

An old man of seventy
bored of being inactive
Jumps at a chance offered
by new policy of a company
to appoint a  senior citizen ‘intern’

The protagonist’s experiences
of handling office politics once again
 of taking on challenges of still being relevant
and being  involved in the lives of younger people
all make  for interesting, engrossing viewing

The movie leaves you inspired
and smiling all the way
with an “All’s well” climax
Kudos to the director, Nancy Meyers
To lead players Robert de Nero, Anne Hathaway
To everyone who contributed
to my two hour happiness!

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Captivating Lines from Here and There

For years now, I had this habit of jotting down lines from books that I read. Sometimes it could be from a magazine or a newspaper or a quote heard here and there.The common thread was that they made an impact on me; motivated and inspired me.
Given the times that I grew up, these were written in diaries or books.Quite of a few of them are lost or destroyed 'behind my back'.Yet some of them remained.

This practice can be an  exasperation for a spouse who finds valuable space eaten by these books which seem to have no value on this day and time.But I kept protesting and claiming that I went back to read them when  in  need of rejuvenation and  inspiration.Presently, however with the wonderful 'cloud' available to mankind, it struck me the other day that the sensible thing to do is to put them all up in my blog so that the space problems can be solved; I can visit them whenever I want and other readers with similar interests can benefit from these 'Captivating' lines.

The lines that  captivated me were connected to my interest areas ; the career that I chose and general approach to life.Thus, you will find in these lines self development material,corporate related stuff, thoughts on health and spirituality.Readers interested in these areas could find the connect and I dare say would benefit by them.At the time of jotting down,depending on my mood , I have at times  noted down the name of the book or the author. Readers are requested to bear with me on occasions when the author is not mentioned..

So, come read on and enjoy....

  • We fail to notice how deeply conflicted our desires are causing us to send unwittingly mixed messages to the universe-  eg A chronic failure wishes wealth while wanting to accept no responsibility for himself
  • There is more to life than the organization that you work for and there is more to an organization than a personal battle to bring about change
  • You are what your deep driving desire is- As you desire , so is your will.As your will is, so is your deed.As your deed is so is your destiny.
  • Winning organizations have leaders at every level
  • There will be those fateful times when you will be 'damned' if you do and 'damned' if you don't. In such cases your best ally is good old fashioned integrity-  don't be afraid to do what you feel is morally right.Then come what may, you still have your self respect, the most satisfying sovenir.
  • Duty: Your duty to society- to serve others; your duty to yourself- to unfold spiritually; your duty to God- to participate in the divine plan for humankinds' higher evolution.
  • Modern marketing unlike the traditional marketing which focused only on developing a product, pricing it, promoting it and making it accessable to target customers is more about relationship. Building trust is the binding force with focus on value added relationship.
  • A man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be.
  • Your expression is the most important thing you wear
  • "I visualise my team as a group in which each member worked to enrich the others in the team and experienced the enjoyment of working together" - APJ Abdul Kalam

Thursday, 8 October 2015

What's Happened to me?

What's happened to me?

"Do your work dispassionately
without expecting, focusing on results"
says the Gita

Yet, here am I
after every poem
and  post in the blog
checking, cross checking so many times
for the comments, reaction of readers
with an ache and longing
bordering on obsession...

Is it the same me
who prided self
as being mature and able
 to avoid the beaten path?

Looks like all us, one by one succumb, eventually
and it's just  a matter of time...
Has the fever of the times caught me as well ?.

What's happened to me?

Friday, 2 October 2015

The Path of Peace

Love, the antidote to war and violence
Love, the path to peace and prosperity
Peace no longer a concern
when the love circumference
gets bigger and bigger
beyond the immediate family…

Beyond races and nations
encompassing all of mankind
and all living beings
banishing the disease of strife and violence

Yes, Love is like a gentle flowing river
that use no force to subdue, overcome
yet touches the hearts, gently embraces
One and all that crosses its path!

Ps: This poem was recited by me at the Guntur International Poetry Festival on 22nd September 2015

Monday, 28 September 2015

One Little Question

I’m Sorry, I’m sorry
but just can’t help asking a question
To the hep youngsters
Of urban India
Can’t hold back asking      
even at the risk of being dubbed
old fashioned, outdated, over the hill!

Granted you have the money
of which your parents could only dream
enough money for a fast life, fast food
in swanky restaurants, every other day...

But so much of food as ‘starters’
with no place in belly  for main course!
yet splurging because it’s a buffet
 topping it with alluring ’deserts’!

Slowly visitors come knocking
Mr Cholesterol, Ms Obesity …
yet, you couldn’t care less
With age on your side 
but when close friends have easily entered
would diabetes and CVD
be far behind?  

Ps: CVD refers to Cardio Vascular disease
This poem was recited by me in the multilingual poet's meet organized by the cultural centre of Vijayawada

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Evasive Peace

It’s but natural
for man to be concerned,
worried about violence
all over the world

It’s natural for him
to worry and agonize
over future of the world order,
 of world peace….

Bur more concerned should he be
of violence in own country
in his own state
violence in his own district
in the neighbourhood…

First and foremost though
his concern should be
for the lack of peace in his
own mind and heart

Without the first step
world peace would be
like a flying bird

Ever evasive, out of reach!

Ps: This poem was recited by me at the Guntur International Poetry Festival on 22nd September 2015

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Slowly and surely
the first world
is making everyone
the whole world, like them....

Fast and furious
greedy for money and things material
winning at any cost
high on adrenaline and low on patience

Everything in a hurry
everything seen a race
exercise,'quality time with family'
all done like rituals, a necessity
not enjoyable activities
for its own sake...

Clones as it is, are distasteful
all the more when modelled
on a limited and false
understanding,approach to life!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How Much is Enough?

Whether it's a sales pitch
boy trying to impress girl
priest exhorting donations for the poor
some people just don't know
how much is enough!

So when the priest speaks
initially a person attending church
decides to give Rs10/
as he increases the pitch, the listener is impressed
and he decides to give Rs 50, 100, 500
but the priest goes on and on... on and on...
finally when the charity plate is passed on
our man takes away Rs 10 from it
instead of donating.

Similar things happen everyday
when you don't know when to stop
don't know how much is enough?
so when the orders don't materialize
or the girl turns you down
you wonder "what went wrong?"
after all you had given it your all....

Yes sometimes, why often times
less is more!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Another International Year

During the process of going through old papers, I came across the monthly bulletin of the Rotaract club of Pondicherry which had an article written by me when I was a student of the law college there. Rotaract club is the student wing of the Rotary club which seeks to contribute to service to the society Some of the goals of the rotaract clubs are  developing constructive leadership and personal integrity,encouraging thought and action in helping others,recognizing the worth of each individual etc.

It was around that  time that the United Nations started declaring years for focusing on various global issues that affect mankind.When I read the article, I felt that it is as relevant today as it was then, since after celebrating the year and talking about the issue people tend to move on and do not engage in sufficient follow up to ensure that the same are resolved. Now the article in the exact form that it was published in January 1981.

"  The UNO has been announcing quite regularly International years focusing on the various sections of society and our country has been celebrating them in a routine fashion.The sad aspect of the whole thing is that we tend to forget all about the very purpose of such celebrations when the year concerned comes to an end.

Thus,while it was not very long ago in 1975 that we celebrated the International Womens' Year,in 1980 we come across frequent bride burning and vicious rapes by the so called protectors of law.Today, the problems faced by women remain as grave as ever.Similarly, the celebration of the International Year of the Child cannot be said to have laid any foundation for the happy and secure future of our children.

Now, we are to celebrate 1981 as the International Year of the Disabled.It is essential that we ensure that this year also does not fizzle out weakly like the earlier years.The most important aspect concerning the disabled is that of training and rehabilitation.The handicapped need to be given an opportunity to make a respectable living of their own without having to lean or depend on others.

On the request of the Social welfare department of the Government, the rotaract club had made a survey two months ago in the city of Pondicherry in order to assess the total number of disabled persons and to understand the kind of help that may be made available to them.

However, an interesting finding of the survey was that a high percentage of the disabled did not wish to exert themselves but preferred to live on doles.Here, it would be essential to provide them with some employment counselling. The disabled may also come across problems of adjustment within the home or in the social environment for which general counselling would be helpful.

It is hoped that the Social Welfare department will continue to seek the help of rotaractors in carrying out any scheme that may be drawn up in this regard.For, if only the rotaractors involve themselves adequately in the definite area of rehabilitation can there be any sense of fulfillment.

Finally, let us remind ourselves that the welfare schemes for the disabled are not to be wound up the moment the year 1981, comes to an end..." 

Monday, 10 August 2015

From Grandpa with Love...

Shuffling through old papers, I came across a letter written by my father in law to my elder son,Manas who was then three months short of his 10th birthday.I found it interesting as unlike the usual letters it contained anecdotes on the celebration of the Onam festival.As Onam is just around the corner, I thought of  sharing this with the readers.Hope you like it...


My dear Chindu
You have written a nice letter.Did you write it yourself or did mother help you? I liked it very much.You write well in English.So I thought I will write to you again. But I have nothing new to write..
Today is 'Atham', the first day of Onam celebration.You know we put flowers in circles in front of the house.Do you do it there? Do you get flowers in the fields outside?

When I was a boy,we used to go out in to the fields to collect flowers At that time there were wastelands and bare hills outside.Wild plants and flowers were in plenty.We had small bamboo baskets to gather the flowers- Kadali, Kongini(Kingini),Thumba, Thottavadi(Touch me not), Mukkui,Pannipoo were some of the wild flowers we got.

Then we have balsam,chembararathi,wadamalli,mathapoo and merrigold from the garden.We draw a circle or star design and arrange different coloured flowersin it.Then we go to the neighbouring houses to see how they have done it.The next day we gather more flowers and make better designs.This we used to do for ten days.On the 10th day we have Onam.

There is gaiety and rejoicing in the homes.Relatives and children from other houses come and we have a great time running about and playing.One popular game we play for Onam "Thalapandu."We make a ball with paper or leaves.We did not buy it from the shop.We made our own ball and played. It is just like cricket.In place of 3 stumps, we put one stump.We have two teams- One team stands as fielders to catch the ball.A boy from the opposite side strikes the ball  in different ways , with the  hand, leg, over the head etc.The fielders have to catch the ball.If the ball is caught in the air, the boy is 'out' as in cricket.If not the fielder has to run,get the ball and throw it at the stump from where he stopped it.If the ball strikes the stump it is 'out'. This game we used to play for Onam.

In the house also there is gaiety.We get new clothes to wear, banana chips to eat, pappadam, payasam and a variety of dishes for the Onam meal.After the long rains, the climate is also good.There is sunshine and good weather.

Onam is actually a harvest festival.People get Paddy, banana,beans, chena (Yam), mathanga(melon) etc from the farm.So everybody has plenty of food and all are happy. Onam is celebrated by all Malayalees as their national festival. Do you like reading all this?If you don't understand, ask Amma and she will explain. You write to achachan again and you will soon learn to write letters by yourself without help from mother or anybody else.
Wishing  you and Chikku a happy Onam!
With Love

PS : The Grandfather  (Achachan),T,N,Sankaran is today no more.It is  sweet little lines like these that keep the memory alive..

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Chalk and Cheese ( Drishyam)

Thought I won't write this
as my review in verses always  came
when  I was so impressed
with  a  movie
yet  couldn't help writing this one
though frustration and  disappointment
was the motivation this time..

Both the original and the Hindi versions are called "Drishyam"
the title apart though, they are
like chalk and cheese!

 Yet a respected critic
like Rajiv Masand  who must
have seen only this version
has given a rating
of 3.5 out of 5,
credit for this goes to the powerful script
which  sadly is also tampered by director Kamat

If the Tamil version
emerged as powerful
as the Malayalam original
much of the credit
goes to the common director

Jeethu knew his characters well
for Mohan Lal, there was Kamal
for Meena, Gauthami
couple of actors
retained for the remake

Nishant on the other hand
seems casual and careless
A complex role demanding a Naseer, Nana  or Om
is placed on 'frail' shoulders of hapless Ajay

If one feels that a house wife role
can be played by any doll
the lie is exposed
when the real drama begins

When the real drama unfolds
main characters fall short
sleep walking and uninvolved
in a tense gripping plot

The elder daughter role
is better essayed though
 with Kamat in his version
 giving  her "adopted" tag
perhaps he wants to save
the image of the hero
save him the embarrassment
of a  teen aged girl's dad!

The only exciting casting
that motivated watching movie
was casting competent Tabu
as the inspector General of Police

Sadly the bungling director
fiddled with this role too
caricatured the character basically
as a sadist lady officer

In the original the character
was a normal human being
torn between the role of a mother
and a law enforcer

So poor Tabu is ordered to howl
and bark most of the time
 the name of police man
 to inflict violence
sensitivity and & pain of a mother
lost in the melee ...
yet the original earned Asha Sharath
lot of bouquets, even more applause
as she repeated role in Tamil!

As you leave theatre, it's the thought
of  "What might have been"....
yet  those seeing it first time
may still think it good
energy to salvage lying in  the script!

Friday, 31 July 2015

What's your Story?

Many just can’t believe
are still shell shocked
even after a week…

Can’t simply fathom
that such a one as you
bubbling with life
24 by seven
Could  take your own life….

What happened in those
four hours prior
Or did it go
a long way before that?

People described you as ‘bold’, ‘dashing’
one with zest for life, a winner
yet… the incident raises questions
where these labels wrong? Way off?
Inside the confident exterior
was lurking a weak, frightened being?

What’s your story?
What exactly is your story?

You chose your partner
disregarding religious differences
you chose him knowing well
his profession was related to entertainment
and that socialisation and social drinking
were all part of the profession

Or were there other aspects
that led to this sorry  end?
What’s your story?
What exactly is your story?

Of the three who know the truth
You, him and God
Two are mute
And cannot speak…

Ah, it’s futile to ask
“What’s your story?”
You took it along with you
deep in to the grave.
and the truth  will ever remain
 a secret…

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A Block Buster to Cherish- Bajrangi Bhaijan

After many many years
ventured out to watch
a movie featuring hero
whom I had'nt cared for
in the first place

And had begun to like
less and less
as the swagger increased
and the persona became
bigger and bigger
than the film itself!

yet here was a movie
reminding me of the seventees
when everyone knew
what to expect
a  'Kitchedi' of make believe
of sentiments,love, comedy,  fights
et all ,enjoyed in the dark hall
and  everyone  coming out smiling and happy!

Bajrangi Bhaijan has them all
all shades of emotions
not just violence, more violence
and still more violence...

A plot of love
'Mohabbat'of an Indian Hindu
for a sweet little Pakistani girl
who strayed  across the border
in to 'unfriendly' country'...
it features the trials that follow
as he resolves to reunite kid with family
crossing 'unfriendly''border
without visa, travel documents!

Kudos to Kabir, the director
Salman, the hero
Nawazuddin who played reporter
and the sweet little Harshita
so naughty, so innocent
speaking with her  face
and eyes alone as she cannot speak...

Tears in the eye, lump in the throat
 after a very long time
Was  I ashamed, embarrased
to be caught weak, vulnerable in public?

No, not in the least!
I was watching a Hindi movie
A true blue blooded Hindi movie
the way it used to be
the way it was meant to be
an array of emotions
culminating in a happy end!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Lost in the Avalanche

So many forwards in Emails, messages..
one after the other
lot of them trivial
yet some of them packed with wisdom..

Before you can read one
you have many more on the plate
meaning nibble one here
half chew one there
 mostly end up  bypassing
the nutritious ones...

In a way it's sad
with so much of junk
the rice get lost in the chaff
eating more and more
gives a feeling of achievement
yet, so very little
is assimilated, digested
the good ones
lost in the avalanche!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Modern times

Selfie culture, interesting culture
A man is dying in accident
others busily click away
instead of dialing102

Got a 'foreward' the other day
of a child in a train
sitting by a 'stranger'
the child could be kidnapped
hints the message
requesting readers to look out & save boy

In the what's up discussions
one member is annoyed, enraged...
what was the fellow doing clicking picture
instead of confronting 'stranger'?
if he couldn't do a thing
why expect others thousands of miles away
to do something?

Was it a case of  being trigger happy
and iresponsible?
or having fun at others expense?
whatever it be, one can only muse
in the modern seems to be..
" Oh anything for that moment of attention!"

Monday, 1 June 2015

Listen to the Voice of Nature

It has been said
That illness is  no calamity
It is your friend and  guide
Giving you signals

To go slow, take care
Not abuse your body or mind
through overwork, partying
Or using substances…

When you have
heard the message
and heeded to its advice
You come back
Rejuvenated,  and strong
 Better than ever before!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Being in your own shoes

It’s only in the cinema
That the hero has them all
Sense of humour, good looks
fighting abilities…

He’s a poet, a singer
A dancer, athlete, artist
All rolled in to one.

Imitating the reel
Could land you in grief
Or feeling inadequate
Impersonation of another
 Not your true self
Could leave you feeling
Tired, drained and exhausted..

Having to pose funny
Witty or courageous
When  not  feeling  
Any such thing  inside
Can be a strain
Yes, being somebody else
Can be a real pain!

Best is when you feel natural
Spontaneous and free
Content and happy

Happy in your own shoes!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Dried up!

If you milk the cow
To such an extent
That not a drop is left
And you begin to see red instead of white..
Who is to blame?

Milking the last bit
Of creative juices
Then fretting and fuming when it’s over…
Who’s to blame?


Many ideas for a poem
Come and run away
lost forever if you aren’t swift
Enough to catch it by its tail
and manage to note down
the key concept or lines

perhaps, a little book and pen
always by your side
could do the trick for you
help you develop it
to something satisfactory
and earn the claps/thaliyan
from the readers as well

So fret not over spilt milk
And resolve to always  have
your weapons in  place
any time, any where!

Thursday, 7 May 2015


Little Raju ran excitedly
to his mother
his little face beaming
with happiness and pride!

“I won the second prize
For singing Ma!”
“Ok, ok, but why not the first prize? 
how did you miss that?"

His smile disappeared instantly
He was no longer feeling
A winner…


In a living room
Seventeen years ago
A husband and wife
were arguing strong

The exchange had begun
harmlessly enough
over reports of an actor charged
with  killing “Blackbuck”
an endangered species …

The wife felt that a
Mountain was being made
Of a mole hill
People in the jungle
Do it all the time
All the noise is
because a celebrity is involved!

The husband, on the other hand
 held the crime all the more grave
 as committed by a celebrity
A role modal!

Blessings and approval
such a  fan and millions more
encourage celebrities
to reject accountability
Responsibility for their own actions

Even today, the fans and close “friends”
tweet support and condemn victims
the dead and the injured…
“Those sleeping on foot path like dogs
deserve to die the death of dogs”

“Sleeping on the footpath is akin
To crossing railway tracks.
Why hold the poor driver responsible?”

Footpath to these “friends”, is extended road
And drunken driving a birth right!

We saw what happened yesterday
We know what’s happening today
Does it give a cue for
What’s in store tomorrow?
With “friends” such as these tweeters
Who needs enemies? !

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


After a bitter fight
Hot words and hard words
She walked out

Days later they kissed and made up
And she was back
Both pretended that it was like old times

Yet there was something missing
Something lost
In the interlude…

Thursday, 16 April 2015


"What meaning does the word "own"  have?
what meaning does the word "related" have?
"own "and "relatives" are mere water marks"
wrote the renowned poet Thampi
for an old  Malayalam film song

Today I say, more and more pain
disillusionment awaits man
if he's  unable to give a wider connotation
to terms like  "öwn" and "related"
 with the whole world one's own
All of mankind, your relatives..

You never feel deprived this way
one relative may not stand by you
but another steps in to help
you also help and relate
to multiple relatives
connected in bigger and higher ways
not just by the birth...

Everyone lives and does things
guided by their true nature
not as a quid pro quo
not worried whether you are returned
what you have given
it does'nt matter any more
being connected to the entire universe

Thursday, 9 April 2015


Have they forgotten
The meaning of ‘Shame’?
Have they forgotten the meaning of ‘Democracy’?
Or have they begun
Misspelling it as ‘Demo-crazy’?

What else can explain
The total disregard,
Nonchalance to allegations
of scandals aplenty

of corruption, sex  escapades
And what not…
Charges levelled by, not just opposition
But by  those
In their own front!

And all this in a state
Whose people
Held most literate, knowledgeable
And politically savvy!

Sad to see the fall,
Depths to which
the country has plunged…
At one time, a union railway minister
On news of accident, resigned
Owning moral responsibility

Today, the minister sits tight
As if nothing has happened
“Where is the proof?” he smiles
“Give it to us and our police
Will investigate”

Yes. You smile
Knowing very well
It’s “your” police who will investigate…
Long live democracy!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Blind Aping

Bench marking and modeling
Other persons and culture
Could be beneficial, advantageous
For improvement and progress

In NLP, we copy good qualities
Traits we admire in another
And we make it our own...
All this done is  consciously
yes, Copying, but
Not  everything about person or culture
But only  qualities good and
Worth emulating alone…

Aping blindly though
Could do more harm than good
Why give up your ‘Greeting”
Or corrupt them as “Kaalai Vanakkam”,  “Maalai Vanakkam”

Why replace cool, tiled houses
With cement houses
that suit cold  nations
Wear suit and tie in hot humid conditions?

Why bucket seat toilets
That cause piles like diseases
When toilets for squatting
Provide natural bowel movements?

Ape if you must
But do it with care
Only what you want and love..
Only that benefit you
And future generations!

Foot note:  NLP refers to Nuero Linguistic Programming

"Vanakkam' is the greeting in Tamil similar to'Namaste'in Hindi which means bowing or saluting the higher self or spirit in the other person- It has no significance to the time of the greeting." However, Kaalai vanakkam' means namaste of morning & 'Maalai Vanakkam refers to namaste of evening.
In the other Eastern countries the concept is similar.For example the greeting at all times of the day  in Korea is 'Ännyong Haseyo?' means 'Are you in peace?' and has no significance to the time of the day....

Friday, 20 March 2015

Crumbling Institution

The old institution
time tested institution
"a haven in a hapless world" they say
is today under threat
from within and without!

Many are standing by the door
reluctant to enter
loss of freedom
loss of space
many other reasons
cited  as  obstacles

The ones who've entered
apprehensive, bored, fed up...
not willing to play
by the rules
of the institution, anymore

A touch, a look
mutual respect
go abegging
roles performed -just
going through the motions
not in the way it was
originally envisaged...

What use is a building
strong, sturdy, beautiful
on the outside
but cold, without spirit
without love or respect
in the inside?

Can a cold palatial house
substitute for a humble
loving home ever?
Ever?  Ever? 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

A Poet with the Classic Ability

Poetry ,over the years has taken various forms and  hues. Today we even speak of the prose poetry. Yet, one quality that can be described as classic and which removes any doubt as to whether a piece is ‘poetry’ is the rhyming in it- “identity in sound of some part, especially the end of words or lines of verse” says the dictionary definition of rhyme.
Seeing  the modern trend, this classic ability could be described as a “dying art.”However, to my mind as long as poetry exists, a trace of ‘rhyme’ will always remain in the vicinity, contributing its fragrance.

It is against this background that we can rejoice in the natural flair of poet Padmaja Iyengar or Paddy as she is known in poetic circles( muse india, boloji, Rate my literature) for her classic ability in rhyming effortlessly. What sets this poet apart from others is the sheer diversity of the subjects dealt with by her, from satire, music,  humour, movie reviews to management concepts and the little things that matter and bother “ the common man” (of the legendary RK Lakshman)  in his day to day life.

All these and more are borne out in a reading of Paddy’s  maiden poetry collection in print- P Enchants (P-En-Chants by Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy., Allahabad.
ISBN 978-81-8253-568-8 Price Rs. 300/- Pages 203). As the subject of our discussion is the classic ability of rhyming, I am focusing and sharing with readers the verses  from this angle in  the book that simply took my breath away- Let's look at some of  the lines in the poem"Helplessness" that describe the plight of one caught in a dentist's chair

"I lie with my mouth agape
with pain in my neck's nape
i stare vacantly at the ceiling
with an acutely helpless feeling.

unable to let out even a "ouch!"
Here am i on a dentist's couch
for an experience really chilling
Go,get yourself a dental filling!  "

"A poet's dilemma" traces the struggle in a poet's mind to get out the appropriate words-
" A poem is all I wish to write
but words remain out of sight
I blame the room and the light
and with my creativity I fight!

My words and ideas don't link
Lines and verses seem to kink
in anger a few things I fling
this writer's block does sting! "

"In what a life...!"the plight of the common man or aam aadmi is portrayed:-

"Electricity without power
manholes wihout cover
Taps without water
roads without side walks

Doctors without principles
politicians without scruples
leaders without a mission
a country without a vision  "

The poem "Public defecation-an Indian birth right!" puts the stark reality in our face as India aspires for a swach Bharat!

"Whenever he sees a hollow space or wall
he just cannot resist the nature's call
hedoesn't care where, why or how
it has got to be done here and now..
no matter which wall-be it a school or a mall!

The poet has dedicated a seperate section to pay tributes- to cricket and cricketers. to music and musicians ,scientists, humourists and others.Here I am sharing just a few lines from the poem "An ardent fan's tribute to P.G Wodehouse"

"Subtle humour's ultimate powerhouse
was none other than P.G.Wodehouse!

I can just go on and on
PG's humour ever a turn on
thanks Wodehouse for making me smile
and laugh in circs utterly sad and vile! "

Verses from another poem from this section that i felt  needed to be  shared is from "To my son Hemant...Ever an inspiration.."

"Life played with me all sorts of games
giving it at different times different names
challenges,problems, issues they were called
as I kept on getting more and more mauled...

Thank you son for always being there
for me, with your love concern and care
and please know that I am there for you
waiting in gratitude to return your due..."

Having read quite a bit of Paddy’s work(Rate my Literature . com & other  internet sites), I  have always been a fan of her great sense of humour. But there were parts in the collection to which I had not been exposed  (perhaps written in an earlier period). These were a revelation and provided for me  the sense of novelty I was seeking.One such  section titled "some stories" tell entire stories in verses- some dipped in humour, some in irony while others touching and shocking.  In the poem titled "Athithi devo Bhava" (Guest is like God)  the  lines that tell the tale of a 'Casanova guide'  go  like this:

"He was a tourist guide much sought after:
his wit and humour evoked much laughter
foriegn tourists were often referred to him
because of his English knowledge and vim

At last with this woman he had his way
as she lay, unable to do anything or say
sated and fulfilled,he fell asleep
to get up later with a hangover deep

They handed him a large sized envelope
that had some cash, a note and a rope
he pocketed the cash and opened the letter
and what he read there gave him a  jitter

"Welcome to the world of aids" it read
"Use the rope to hang yourself"she said

Now a few lines from the poem "Communication" in the  section "Some management Mumbo Jumbo"-

"The way we communicate
tends to often indicate
how well we can express
how well we can impress

Another novelty in the book is a section devoted to movie reviews in verses! some lines of the review on the film "Barfi"read as follows-

"His handling of the film- sensitive
with a story line that is moving and positive!
This film presents you a slice of life
with lessons to laugh amidst strife

"Barfi"leaves you with a huge smile
that stays with you for quite a while!
my rating for the movie is a 5 star
for direction and acting above par!

Finally I am sharing  verses from the last section of the book which is titled the same as that of the book-P Enchants:-

Giving us a glimpse of  her banking career, she writes

I, Me, Myself

Allured by the luscious lucre’s call
I entered the buzzing banking hall
For quite a while, I had a ball
Robbing peter and paying Paul!
Then I heard a higher call
And decided to chuck it all!

The poet confesses to her soft corner for books in this poem...

My Books

My books are my treasure
My love for them has no measure
I hold them close to my heart
In my life they play a key part

Books give me silent companionship
They promise me lifelong friendship
They are there for me in times of need
Ever ready to provide me an enjoyable read!

Then some insights into life in general, looked at from a banking perspective and the poet's take on the obsession of Indians to be fair and lovely-

P& L Analysis

I often ask my mind to refrain
From thoughts of loss and gain
In life, we win some, lose some
To rave and rant would be dumb


Let’s get over the silly obsession
For beauty and a fair complexion
To get a fair and lovely face
Here are some simple ways

The goodness of mind and heart
Plays a very important part
In making one fair and lovely
And giving a demeanour lively

So throw away all those creams
That sell unreal fairness dreams
Let positive thoughts and feelings flow
To give the face a calm and serene glow

If Bapu was amidst us today,what would he have said? Interesting thoughts!

An impassioned plea from Bapu

So  folks, just leave me alone!
Don’t wear my dhothi, topi and clone
At the Rajghat please don’t gather to mourn
Let not my grave flowers or wreaths adorn!

My statues, pictures and birthday celebration
Have all now become caricatured aberration
I refuse to be the father of this corrupt nation
Where the reality and my ideals have no relation!

In the poem”  School life” the poet brings out the typical school day experiences that we have all had at some time or other:-

Mom was often my morning alarm
Woke me up with a milk cup warm
But getting up from bed was tough
Unless warned by dad’s office rough!

The most tragic moments in school were
Being caught with surprise tests unawares!
And the best news always a Godsend
Was of the PT teacher being absent!

Friends made during those days of childhood
Remain ours lifelong  for times bad and good
For we were partners in all sorts of “crimes”
That were innocent pranks of good old times!

The travails and tribulations of a new joinee on her first day is recorded  in the poet’s trade mark style:-

First day at work

When this rank new comer
Encountered an irate customer
On the very first day at the bank
Her spirits to the lowest ebb sank
And the ‘bank job’ lost its glamour

Customer queries had her ruffled
Complex accounts had her baffled
She realized banking was no cake walk
And client servicing , not just sweet talk

We all give and receive gifts. But what does it mean to this poet?


For me gifts are sacred and special
Not anything artificial or superficial
When I gift something to someone
With it, a bit of my heart too is given

The purposelessness of continuing a relationship that has no future is articulated in the poem “Future Imperfect”

A relationship without a future
Cab be a terrible mental torture
as it meanders meaninglessly
and prolongs quite senselessly

Although P Enchants as a book  is predominantly about light hearted stuff laced with a lot of humour, there are some lines which articulate an underlying pain that makes  a deep impact on the reader.This is evident in the verses of the next two poems :-


My life has crossed expiry date
For a Higher call I eagerly wait
This waiting is something I  hate
My name awaits the prefix “Late”

How does one get relief from the physical and mental/emotional pains in life? Poet has given suggestion for patiently healing oneself-

Patient(ly) Heal Thyself

My aches with painkillers did I alleviate
From a daily routine did I hardly deviate
I never gobbled up everything on a plate
My hunger pangs with nutrients did I sate

For loneliness there is no cure
Worry is another disease pure
Both, one has to simply endure
Or distract them with some allure

At last I have found my panacea
I write and that gives me euphoria
My mind is now a lovely playground
Thoughts and words frolic around

We , Indians have heard many times , over and over again of the deep and eternal love of Krishna and Radha. No one knows whether these characters  are a myth or reality..

Myth..? Reality..?

Her tongue moistened lips
He savours them in sips
As her eyes meet his
Their looks caress and kiss

As he plays a tune on his flute
She stands transfixed and mute
Yet the music makes her sway
In enjoyment and abandon gay

In the lines that I have quoted from the poem “Don’t Wait!” the concern of safety of women, the problem of  stalking and unwelcome attention is discussed:-

As she walked home everyday
She sensed being stalked all the way

She had a pepper spray
That she carried everyday
All prepared and set
To let it out like a jet
On his salivating face
And put him in his place!

We all know the Indian judiciary is ill famous for its  inordinate delay (Justice delayed is justice denied).The problem when it comes out in the words of the poet reads thus:-

Justice Delayed…

Civil cases languish in courts for years
Leaving the hapless petitioners in tears
Advocates merrily thrive
On loopholes that deprive

We all have moments which we can describe as “ Pure Bliss”. Let us see what this is for the poet :-

Newspapers and sips from a coffee mug
Make me feel snug like a bug in a rug
With my heels on the cool floor well dug

And the world news before my eyes chug

How does one handle the fear of death?-read on...

Fear, Affirmation

When one’s born
One’s sure to die
This is a truth
None can deny

Then why fear death?
Why fear the unknown?
Life here is God’s loan
To be repaid all alone!

In the lines taken from the poem mentioned below Paddy fiercely defends the right to write the poetry she wants without being apologetic about it... She then in the next poem quoted below exhorts us all to write 

I too write poems. So what…?

To write about social issues , I  consider my duty
Because of this, some say, my poems lack “Beauty”
Poets to their surroundings are sensitive and aware
Should they not therefore, their views on issues air?

Finally I have this to say to those
That advise me to stick to prose
You adorn poetry with love and grace
But I will continue in my rebellious ways.

Write Away!

Without writing I cannot live
This I wholeheartedly believe
Writing pleasure
Has no measure

My dear writers out there
Write away without a care
On anything
And everything
That you desire to share

That Paddy  gives  feedback to each and every writer is well known to all who have visited her site "Rate my" Hence it is not surprising  that she conveys exasperation over those who simply do not give feedback..

On Feedback

I wonder why folks tend to be slack
When it comes to posting a feedback
On the pieces they read with such relish
not knowing, it’s their feedback I cherish

A feedback helps in knowing
The direction in which I am going-
Whether the reader is able to connect
With what my mind is trying to reflect

The lines below have been taken from the poem written by the poet about her granddaughter and the lost tooth-

Ria’s two Front Tooth Gone…!

Despite two front teeth gone
Riya not a bit forlorn
The missing teeth took their toll
Left her gums with a gaping hole.

When Ria woke up in the morning
Lo and behold a surprise was waiting
Under her bed she found
A gift wrapped box round

I have chosen to include and quote  the following lines from the poetry collection as it depicts the noble intention of the poet to serve people while here on this earth and also after  leaving this abode-

One Last Wish

I do not know my worth
As a human on this earth

But it is my burning desire
Before I am consigned to fire
That my organs help those in dearth

      In conclusion, I  would like to state  that the book " Paddys Enchants is a testimony to the fact that the classic ability of rhyming is very much ‘alive and kicking’. Reading the lines of this talented poet who forayed in to poetry quite late , after a distinguished banking career removes any doubts in the minds of the reader as to the future of rhyming. I am sure the younger generation would be inspired to follow in her footsteps and enhance their ability in this aspect of poetry