Wednesday, 18 November 2015

It's a Pity!

It’s a pity that you neither had
the courage or the conviction
to speak out your real feelings,
thoughts and opinions

It’s a pity that you had to wait 13 years
to speak- to communicate
It’s a pity that you chose instead
to ruin 13 years of your life and mine...

Communication is the essence
of any relationship
a platform that clears, clarifies
and removes misunderstanding
It’s a pity that your closed nature shut out
the very life blood of life

At least now after 13 years,
I am able to understand
the reasons for your weird behaviour
the pendulum swings in mood
the self-destructing demeanour

Perhaps there is a purpose in
Your being what you are
And my being what I am
May God give you strength and wisdom
to know the truth, not half truths
to truly open up and communicate…

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