Monday, 9 November 2015

The Intern- 2015 (Movie Review)

Wary of English films these days
which almost invariably seem
to be dipped in violence & the macabre
I stay yards away; occasionally reminiscing of
the older movies that had so much more
 variety of subjects and content  …

On a strong recommendation though
after a gap of very many years
I set out to watch the “The Intern”
with spouse in tow

The title role essayed by a veteran
 “The Intern” did not disappoint
Instead it reminded me, of earlier times
a period of nostalgia, when I, an Indian
had watched so many Hollywood movies!

An old man of seventy
bored of being inactive
Jumps at a chance offered
by new policy of a company
to appoint a  senior citizen ‘intern’

The protagonist’s experiences
of handling office politics once again
 of taking on challenges of still being relevant
and being  involved in the lives of younger people
all make  for interesting, engrossing viewing

The movie leaves you inspired
and smiling all the way
with an “All’s well” climax
Kudos to the director, Nancy Meyers
To lead players Robert de Nero, Anne Hathaway
To everyone who contributed
to my two hour happiness!


  1. Wow! a review in verse. Nice!
    The trailers make me want to watch The Intern. I should do that one of these days.

    Nice to know you like the movie. :)

  2. Thank you! hope you like and enjoy the movie...