Friday, 10 July 2020

Simple Happiness and the Little Sorrows

In a Facebook literary group, a friend Sundar Rajan  posted  this picture.  He sought poems from members based on the picture. This is what I came up with ..

We, rather our ancestors chose
fishing for a living 
Like anyone else
our lives too are a mixture
of pain and pleasure 
of simple happiness and little sorrows

We face risks aplenty, though
uncertain source of livelihood 
when red alerts declared 
tough times when dark clouds 
are followed by floods and cyclones! 

We are rarely remembered 
in fact mostly forgotten
even by those having 
a hearty meal of fish curry rice
or a tasty dish of fried fish or prawns.. 

Sometimes noticed, when an ideas strikes
to make money filming our environs
of blue sky, the blue ocean
natural beauty in all it's glory 

Movies  are then made of little fish 
'boatman' going fishing 
or being a "Friend of fisherman" 
then, forgotten soon after the movie is a hit! 

It is the same story at the time of floods
we take our boats on narrow roads
to save lives, supply food to stranded people 
for some time you clap, hail us as heroes
put up our  flex boards like those of film stars!  

Soon , life is back to normal 
no one cares of  boats damaged in rescue
not realizing , bothering that the damage
is to our very livelihood!
Soon the flex boards of film stars are back 
replacing us easily, our utility no more
who cares for the curry leaves 
after the meal is done!

In this picture though we are not grumpy
the catch after all, isn't so bad today 
it is these little pleasures that are the silver lining
in the lives of us fisher folk...

Filled with the simple happiness
and the little sorrows.... 

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Livelihood in the Changing Times

I had written this poem and prepared the video for the the 13th edition of the Guntur International Poetry Festival (GIPF). In view of Covid 19, the festival which usually happens at Guntur at the premises of JKC college was planned as an online event. The festival premiered on 7th July 2020. 

Livelihood,  job,  source of income
whatever you may like to call it
has suddenly become a question mark

People plan for the future
but what do you do, when crisis strikes
from nowhere, out of the blue?

It is worry time for students
in professional colleges
the small time shopkeeper, the salaried
why, even big businesses stare at an uncertain future
not to mention, plight of our migrant workmen!

Prayers and faith in the ultimate good
trust and confidence
a strong  belief that "This too shall pass" 
that new doors will open, as old ones close
is what we need most at this time!

Flexibility and preparedness
openness to possibilities
being compassionate to fellow beings
is the sure - fire way to survive
and thrive in a changing world order!  

Monday, 6 July 2020

Oblivion- The Cosmic Dance

Dance and music
music and dance-  soulmates 
achieve a crescendo 
when part of the divine order
when engaged in the divine plan... 

Then, distinctions disappear 
the dancer, the musician 
the singer, the choreographer 
all participate as one 

With no one knowing  
the beginning or the  end 
when did the dance begin?
when did the music end?

Thursday, 2 July 2020


In a Facebook literary group, a friend Sundar Rajan  posted  this picture.  He sought poems from members based on the picture. This is what I came up with ..

This is our humble home
what you humans call "cattle shed" 
we may  be cattle
but we are sentient beings too!  

Fortunately for us, our owner
is a man with a heart
gives us timely food
and pats our back sometimes 
we live together peacefully 
coexist happily...

If it were you humans 
you would harp on distinctions 
separate yourselves as brown, 
white, black or spotted  
and try to get something more
for yourselves!  

But we, whom you call "Animals"
are content, sharing what we have 
snuggling against one another
when needed, comforting each other 

Our owner also has two dogs 
and few hens in our courtyard 
we all live happily together
in peaceful  'Coexistence' 
a word long forgotten by man! 

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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Divine Plan

We are special for the only reason
we are born and living in this universe
You, me , all living beings 
caressed by the loving, almighty being 

Granted and received by each one of us 
'that' unique special with blessings
that we may use "that" 
to spread fragrance, to the world 
in our own different ways
to the universe at large! 

Let's  waste not 
fritter away in petty pursuit 
be  derailed from attuning 
to the divine plan of our lives! 
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Sunday, 28 June 2020

എത്ര നാൾ (How Long?)

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അരങ്ങിൽ എത്ര നാൾ 
എത്ര ഹൃദയങ്ങൾ തഴുകി, തലോടി 
എത്ര പേർക്ക് സന്തോഷം പകർന്നു 
എന്ന ചോദ്യത്തിൽ  അടങ്ങുന്നു 
ഒരു ജീവിത കാലത്തിൻ സാഫല്യം ! 

Translation   (Written on a prompt that translates to "Stage")

More than how long were you on stage
what matters is,  how many hearts did you touch
to how many people  did you bring happiness ?
Answers to these questions determine
how successful a life you  have lived! 

Thursday, 25 June 2020

We are all in it Together

In a Facebook literary group, a friend Sundar Rajan  posted  this picture.  He sought poems from members based on the picture. This is what I came up with ..

The schools have not opened yet. But this is written  visualizing a future scenario when we decide that we will have to live with the virus and  permit physical attendance of students at schools.

Off to school

I am the eldest

That’s me just behind papa!


I know, I know, social distancing

Traffic rules, other issues

Your rebuking eyes say it all !

But papa just lost his job

He can’t afford better

Feels , of public transport, the less said the better!


Our papa dear, is clear

Whatever the obstacles

No missing of classes!  

No compromise whatever

On school matters...


So here we are, off to school

Yes, Perhaps, one too many

Yet, in these tough times

We stick together

We are all in it together

Each one for one another! 

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