Wednesday, 28 January 2015


I looked at the stranger...

oblivious of me
he was engrossed  on the video game
projected on the TV
in my living room

All free time, when at home time
is spent by the stranger
on playing video games
in fact he seemed hooked to the video games...

These days we hardly speak
chat, exchange views
even on the rare occasion
we eat a meal together

The other day
on a rare visit
as family to a relative's place
I was surprised
to hear him talk
earnestly, passionately
on subjects many
to me, monosyllables it was
that dominated conversation!

Many summers ago though
when still below the late teens
this boy was no stranger
he was my son...

When little, the two brothers and I
had pillow fights
played ball
and all of us including mom
went out together
the whole family..

Some time, some where
the lines diverged
interests changed
so we now sit in
the same living room
as strangers...

one glued to the video game
the other unable to watch TV
or have a conversation
as of yore...

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Chennai International Film Festival

I stood outside the theatre
having watched my last show
after hectic viewing for six days
motion pictures from lands many
Iran,Taiwan,Japan, France, Germany,US....
and our own

glimpses they gave of different culture
nuances of colour, tone, tenor & acting
yet as I moved towards the parking lot
I realized,  basically
 human beings  are the same

They all crave for love
are blinded at times by
lust, greed, jealousy
have moments of  joy, happiness
anger and sadness

from Asia to Europe, Africa to America
despite differences, skin deep
basically  we are all the same!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Home maker

She wiped brow
with corner of her saree
after an hour of hectic activity
as she waved bye to little Anita & school bag

Now, she can relax for some time
it is anxiety time all over again
until she returns safely in the evening...

PS: At one time the school was considerd the safest place for a child after the home- The recent incidents in Bangalore & elsewhere of school staff themselves becoming the cause of worry prompted me to write this poem.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wanting to be 'Me'

I want to be 'me'....
after reading "Dying to be me"
I am so inspired-I want to be me
do the many things I love
without caring or worrying
whether others approve- disapprove
I want to be me!

I want to sing out aloud
read and write blogs
learn new languages,watch movies
eat food I truly enjoy
without fearful thoughts of
'not good for health'

I want to travel with
a focus on culture
watch, read,hear a lot of comedy
take classes-teach,speak, facilitate
interact with the like minded
on learning, growth & spirituality
find more time for nature gazing
and for practicing Reiki, EFT

I want to get rid of
doubts, fears & limiting beliefs
and open up to the palace of possibilities
much beyond what the
human mind can conceive

When I can do this, follow my heart
and be truly 'me' I become
one with the world- eternal, infinite & whole...

PS: "Dying to be me"is abook written by cancer survivor(beater) Anita Moorjani

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Definition of Love

The other day
a friend wanted
a definition of 'Love'
he wanted to analyze, debate
and go to the bottom of it..

I was surprised, a little amused
why analyze so much
can't we just bask
in its warmth-in its sweetness?

perhaps, he had a point-
confused & frustrated are many
living in the 21st century India

It is no longer stories
of sacrifice in love
"May you live happy
 where ever you are
 even if it's not with me..."

No longer is the ideal
of undivided attention, devotion reflected..
either in the values or in the movies

In 21st century India- it is
" I love you so much
that I can't help throwing
acid on your sweet face
for I cannot ever  bear
 to see you or imagine you
 as some one else's

Yes, love has an extended definition
something termed earlier as obsession
lust, passion, envy
have all come under
the umbrella of Love!
in 21st century India...

Thursday, 1 January 2015

A Dinner before Christmas

Living in times when nuclear families
prefer to eat out
order festival dinners
be it onam, pongal or diwali...

pleasant surprise awaited us
when a senior level boss invited team
for a dinner
before christmas eve...

As crystal clear intent of host
of  "no compromise"
on the personal touch
the living room of residence
instead of a mere hotel
served as our venue

Commencing with the traditional
wine and cake
better half of host
shaped each dish
with love and her own hands

short eats before main course
and mouth watering maincourse
veg & nonveg  to suit palates,
needs of various guests over twenty
with a fitting finale of home made deserts!

Each guest attended to by host
served by his sprightly sons
ever smiling, enquiring
and refilling plates with gusto

When the host regretted
the inconveniences of adjusted seating
I wondered "what inconvenience?"
a waiter, an ambience or chef foriegn
can never replace
personalized love & care
or home cooked food

for there's no better food
than home cooked food
there's no better attention
than personalized attention!