Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wanting to be 'Me'

I want to be 'me'....
after reading "Dying to be me"
I am so inspired-I want to be me
do the many things I love
without caring or worrying
whether others approve- disapprove
I want to be me!

I want to sing out aloud
read and write blogs
learn new languages,watch movies
eat food I truly enjoy
without fearful thoughts of
'not good for health'

I want to travel with
a focus on culture
watch, read,hear a lot of comedy
take classes-teach,speak, facilitate
interact with the like minded
on learning, growth & spirituality
find more time for nature gazing
and for practicing Reiki, EFT

I want to get rid of
doubts, fears & limiting beliefs
and open up to the palace of possibilities
much beyond what the
human mind can conceive

When I can do this, follow my heart
and be truly 'me' I become
one with the world- eternal, infinite & whole...

PS: "Dying to be me"is abook written by cancer survivor(beater) Anita Moorjani

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