Thursday, 8 January 2015

Definition of Love

The other day
a friend wanted
a definition of 'Love'
he wanted to analyze, debate
and go to the bottom of it..

I was surprised, a little amused
why analyze so much
can't we just bask
in its warmth-in its sweetness?

perhaps, he had a point-
confused & frustrated are many
living in the 21st century India

It is no longer stories
of sacrifice in love
"May you live happy
 where ever you are
 even if it's not with me..."

No longer is the ideal
of undivided attention, devotion reflected..
either in the values or in the movies

In 21st century India- it is
" I love you so much
that I can't help throwing
acid on your sweet face
for I cannot ever  bear
 to see you or imagine you
 as some one else's

Yes, love has an extended definition
something termed earlier as obsession
lust, passion, envy
have all come under
the umbrella of Love!
in 21st century India...


  1. That was sarcastic yet passed right emotions...
    Well done

  2. Changing perspective of love in modern India...well put.
    You might want to re-check the usage of hypen at "warmth-in"

  3. Thank you for our feedback Amita & Sandy!

  4. Acid attacks are brutal. Well written Rajeev.