Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sing along friend!

I open the old autograph book
with its yellow fading  pages
sure it's seen better days
that dates back to eighties
nay.the seventies !

yet the lines as I read them
come alive and touch
the strings of my heart
scribbled on it are parting lines
from friends at school
college &  a couple
of teachers as well...

"Do your duty" had
written the school princi
quoting  sanskrit lines
"Kutha tava karthavyam"

Another quoted Shakespeare
exhorting-  "Honour & disgrace
from no situation arise
play your part well
therein lies all honour."

The one I like best though
is no quotation..
just a  simple flowing line, seemingly
straight from the heart...

"Sing along friend" it said
no matter what-just sing along
 through the journey of life
on and on, for ever and ever
and you will be happy"

so here I am
happy,  most of the time
unconsciously following tips
from  a long forgotten book!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Era of Debates

Whatever the issue
there are two or more opinions
people to take positions
on both sides of the fence

Whatever the issue
be it son beating mother
aboloshing death penalty
or harrassment of a hep dressed girl
by road side Romeos....

The issues could be
 cheating in exams
honour killing or mercy killing
kiss of love or moral policing
everything is debatable
in the era of debates!