Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Being in your own shoes

It’s only in the cinema
That the hero has them all
Sense of humour, good looks
fighting abilities…

He’s a poet, a singer
A dancer, athlete, artist
All rolled in to one.

Imitating the reel
Could land you in grief
Or feeling inadequate
Impersonation of another
 Not your true self
Could leave you feeling
Tired, drained and exhausted..

Having to pose funny
Witty or courageous
When  not  feeling  
Any such thing  inside
Can be a strain
Yes, being somebody else
Can be a real pain!

Best is when you feel natural
Spontaneous and free
Content and happy

Happy in your own shoes!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Dried up!

If you milk the cow
To such an extent
That not a drop is left
And you begin to see red instead of white..
Who is to blame?

Milking the last bit
Of creative juices
Then fretting and fuming when it’s over…
Who’s to blame?


Many ideas for a poem
Come and run away
lost forever if you aren’t swift
Enough to catch it by its tail
and manage to note down
the key concept or lines

perhaps, a little book and pen
always by your side
could do the trick for you
help you develop it
to something satisfactory
and earn the claps/thaliyan
from the readers as well

So fret not over spilt milk
And resolve to always  have
your weapons in  place
any time, any where!

Thursday, 7 May 2015


Little Raju ran excitedly
to his mother
his little face beaming
with happiness and pride!

“I won the second prize
For singing Ma!”
“Ok, ok, but why not the first prize? 
how did you miss that?"

His smile disappeared instantly
He was no longer feeling
A winner…


In a living room
Seventeen years ago
A husband and wife
were arguing strong

The exchange had begun
harmlessly enough
over reports of an actor charged
with  killing “Blackbuck”
an endangered species …

The wife felt that a
Mountain was being made
Of a mole hill
People in the jungle
Do it all the time
All the noise is
because a celebrity is involved!

The husband, on the other hand
 held the crime all the more grave
 as committed by a celebrity
A role modal!

Blessings and approval
such a  fan and millions more
encourage celebrities
to reject accountability
Responsibility for their own actions

Even today, the fans and close “friends”
tweet support and condemn victims
the dead and the injured…
“Those sleeping on foot path like dogs
deserve to die the death of dogs”

“Sleeping on the footpath is akin
To crossing railway tracks.
Why hold the poor driver responsible?”

Footpath to these “friends”, is extended road
And drunken driving a birth right!

We saw what happened yesterday
We know what’s happening today
Does it give a cue for
What’s in store tomorrow?
With “friends” such as these tweeters
Who needs enemies? !