Thursday, 7 May 2015


In a living room
Seventeen years ago
A husband and wife
were arguing strong

The exchange had begun
harmlessly enough
over reports of an actor charged
with  killing “Blackbuck”
an endangered species …

The wife felt that a
Mountain was being made
Of a mole hill
People in the jungle
Do it all the time
All the noise is
because a celebrity is involved!

The husband, on the other hand
 held the crime all the more grave
 as committed by a celebrity
A role modal!

Blessings and approval
such a  fan and millions more
encourage celebrities
to reject accountability
Responsibility for their own actions

Even today, the fans and close “friends”
tweet support and condemn victims
the dead and the injured…
“Those sleeping on foot path like dogs
deserve to die the death of dogs”

“Sleeping on the footpath is akin
To crossing railway tracks.
Why hold the poor driver responsible?”

Footpath to these “friends”, is extended road
And drunken driving a birth right!

We saw what happened yesterday
We know what’s happening today
Does it give a cue for
What’s in store tomorrow?
With “friends” such as these tweeters
Who needs enemies? !


  1. Very well written Rajeev. I agree with you.
    My only grouse is that law is not same for all.
    It seems that only the 'too popular' AND the common man are punished. The Lesser celebrities and better than common Man like Puru Rajkumar got levity ...

  2. You described the anger of so many people in this small piece Rajeev..I agree with you!!

  3. Agree with you, looks like the poor are at the mercy of the rich. No wonder, we still like the pictures of celebrities and comment on them even knowing that it's their PR agency who is running the account...but we are blindly supporting them.

  4. Thank you so much for your feedback Kokila,Hemant & Alok! Glad to note that we are all on the same page. Kokila has a point about the intermediary celebreties.