Sunday, 30 November 2014


Spiritual masters advice
to forgive and forget
for most of us though
this is a tough ask

A popular film line goes
"How easy to say 'forget'
easier it is, not to be
born on this earth"

Yet not forgiving would mean
pent up resentment
hurt,anger, pain ..
eating into one's depths
a breeding ground
for illness many!

the release frees us
from the burden of
their thoughts, their action
from living & reliving
the unpleasant, over & over again!

Forgiveness then, is not for them
not even because they deserve it
but for our own well being
health, peace of mind...

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

All Eggs in the same basket

When we put all our eggs
in one basket, the same basket
and God forbid something
happens to the basket
we go to pieces...

When we have held the 'family'
as the only purpose of living
and invested in it for years
a hurting action from a member-
and we go to pieces

When we have slogged day & night
on a career,ignoring health
family, social needs
then, a setback in promotion
a painful 360 degree feedback
and we go to pieces

When we have focused on
health for a life time
with punishing schedules, favouritefood denials
suddenly, diagnosed with disease serious
and we go to pieces

The seven areas of life
that include health, wealth
career,social, emotional
intellectual & spiritual
are distinct baskets to place our eggs
of efforts, hopes, aspirations
each equally important, none bigger
than the other...

Viewed  this way
life meaningful and  enriched
in ways so many..
a setback in one is balanced by the other
so, we no longer go to pieces!