Monday, 21 March 2016

Their Voices alone are Heard

Only their voices are heard

Business man, business woman, sympathisers            
are coming to the defence of defaulting tycoon
"Give him a chance" they plead
"Avoid media trials
 due processes need to be followed
 and this takes time..."

None came to the defence of the farmer
who joined his maker, driven by
desperation and humiliation
after his tractor, the very source of livelihood
was confiscated by bank authorities..

He had  repaid only 5 lakhs
 of the 7 lakh loan taken

Voices of the marginalised
are in theory to be heard
through the MPs and MLAs,they elected
sadly, the reps have no time
they are too busy pandering
to the needs of those
whose voices alone are heard...

Friday, 18 March 2016

LOA Series- 8 What's Most Important

"I want us to have harmony"
" I want us to be happy together"                                                                

Singular attention to what's important
enables a fresh view
of the subject of arguement
and the trivial issue fizzles out...

Take your eyes off what is conflicting
and put it on the essence
of what you want.

 NB:  Law of Attraction-  LOA
Source literature: Esther & Jerry Hicks (The teachings of Abraham)

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Love (Translation of a Ghazal in Malayalam)

Is it sweet or is it a pain?
Or is it a sweetness filled pain?  
Is it silence or talkativeness
Or is it a silence filled talkativeness?
What is this ‘love’, oh dear friends…?
Do you know about it? Will you tell me about it?
                                                                                   (Is it sweet)
Is it the truth or a myth?
Or is it a truth ridden myth?
Is it interesting or boring?
Or is it an interest filled boredom?
What is this ‘love’ my dear brothers
Do you know  about it? Will you tell me?

Is it selfishness or selflessness?
Or is it selflessness dipped in selfishness?
Is it a virtue or a sin?
Or is it a virtuous sin?
What is this ‘love ’oh good hearted ones
Do you know about it? Will you tell me?
                                                                                      (Is it sweet?)

PS: The Ghazal was set to music and sung by the renowned singer Umbai. In the cassette that I listened to, Umbai credited the lyrics to Pradeep Ashtamichara.However, on you tube in a version sung by play back singer Manjari, the lyrics is mentioned as that of East coast Vijayan.

I have taken courage to not only translate but sing the song & upload the audio. Kindly bear with the limitations.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Soul mate

In a group                                                                                                    
yet everyone                                                 
oblivious of others

Their eyes dazed
fixed purposefully
on the object of their obsession
their mobile phones!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

LOA Series- 7 Disappointment

The feeling of disappointment
a signal from the emotional guidance system
telling you "what you are giving thought to
is not what you want"

Let the disappointment evaporate
by going back to the thoughts
of what you want
and attract what you desire!

 NB:  Law of Attraction-  LOA
Source literature: Esther & Jerry Hicks (The teachings of Abraham)