Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Deception, Second Nature

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We have heard the old adage
that some can be fooled all the time
but  not all the people all of the time

Yet the shrewd and the cunning know
a little time is more than enough
to fool the gullible to do their bidding
 achieve their goal, have their way! 

So the battered wife is pacified
by  a few minutes of profuse apology
and sweet little nothings like 'my milk' and ' my honey'
only to get battered again sooner than later

Similar is the plight of the voter
at election time- fooled
by promises of wealth,  health, safety
infrastructure  and well being
only to be ignored, disregarded
for the next five years....

until it is time to fool once again!

Friday, 18 May 2018

Captivating Lines from Here and There-20

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  • No institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it. It must be organized in such a way as to be able to get along under a leadership composed of average humanbeings- Peter Drucker, Management Guru
  • Heaven is a state and not a place- Anita Moorjani, Author 
  • Argue for your limitations,and sure enough they are yours- Richard Bach, Author 
  • Problems remain as problems because people are busy defending them rather than finding solutions Stop wasting time defending your problems and work on addressing them instead.
  • Law of Expectations: Whatever you expect with confidence, becomes your own self fulfilling prophecy.Successful people expect to be successful in advance. Happy people expect to be happy. Popular people expect to be liked by others.They develop the habit of expecting that something good will happen in every situation.
  • If you do not deliberately plant flowers in the garden of your mind, weeds will grow automatically with no encouragement or support.
  •  When you are born, you come into the world with two natural qualities- (1) You are completely unafraid (2) You are completely spontaneous- From the book " Million dollar habits" by Brian Tracy.
  • It is so hard when "I have to" and so easy when "I want to"- Annie Gottlier
  • Invariably an organization takes on the personality of its top leader, providing that individual is in touch with the members of the organization. If the leader is petty,the subordinates will be petty, But if the leader is encouraging,optimistic and courteous,then the vast majority of the workers in the organization will be as well- From the book " Lincoln on Leadership"
  • It is one of the beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself -Ralph waldo Emerson,Poet & philosopher

Friday, 11 May 2018


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"I will waste resources- water, food, electricity
it is my right. I can afford it!"
Did you bring any of these when you came?

wasting, appears a national disease
look at weddings, food left on restaurant plates
Tvs, fans running in empty rooms
water flowing from taps as you brush or shave...

Nature's resources belong to the universe
not just to man or mankind
least of all to a self centered specimen
who proclaims "I can afford it!"

 Recitation of the poem:

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

On your Wedding Anniversary

On your second wedding anniversary, dear son, daughter
I wish you all happiness
happiness and love  that is ever blooming, blossoming,
ever growing , never withering.....

Like a teacher wishing students, better and greater heights
something that he himself, may have never attained
here's a  father's blessing- ardent wish,  straight from the heart
for  love, happiness and peace, sweet couple
for now and  and for all times!

NB: May God be with you always  as you celebrate many more anniversaries!.

Sunday, 29 April 2018


Spoiling for a fight
she was disappointed
he wasn't taking the bait any more
25 years of marriage had changed him
after all, it takes two to tango....

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Twin books,Same Author: A peek into the works of Poet Saranya Francis

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On 4/11/ 2017, I attended a book release of " Ambedo" by Saranya Francis at the Sapna Book House, Residency road, Bangalore. It was an interesting evening of passionate recitations from the book with insightful comments from the panel. .One thing clear to those present was that the poet Saranya Francis was equally comfortable before a mike as she was in  writing. She fielded questions from the panel and the audience effortlessly and passionately. After all, she is also a trainer and teacher apart from being a poet. The program was followed by the book signing. I was perhaps the first person to purchase the book and get it autographed by the author. I left soon after, the experience of a pleasant evening lingering in my mind....

Cut to 20th September 2017. I am on a train from Bangalore to Guntur to attend the Guntur International Poetry Fest. Couple of stops later, a lady entered and occupied a seat next to me. Initially, I felt her presence a bit intimidating and therefore did not speak to her. However, a little later I ventured to ask whether she was Saranya. I had been told that a Poet Saranya Francis was also traveling from Bangalore to attend the fest.It turned out that she was infact Saranya and  it was an interesting coincidence that we ended up as co- passengers! 

From then on,we got chatting and time simply flew. One thing that came across clearly was that Saranya was a very open and transparent person. She talked freely about various topics and aspects of life including bold personal decisions that she had taken in her life. One could see that she was proud of being a woman and valued independance a lot. By the end of the journey, we had become friends and Saranya presented me her maiden book "Being Purple" with a remark " Here's to more such conversations". She also informed me that her second book was also ready to be launched with just the final touches remaining.

The free spirit and independance of the poet can be seen in both her works, "Being purple" and "Ambedo", Based on the tone  and tenor of her writing, Saranya could be described as  a 'feminist'. Ofcourse she writes on other varied subjects as well including nature and spirituality. My own understanding from her books/conversation with her is that, she is very protective of her individuality and independance, but  does not bear a grudge or have resentment towards the other sex. It is more about coexistence with equal rights and mutual respect rather than one sex  having an upperhand over the other.

 I have chosen to write about both the books together, as they are slim in size and in a way one book is an extension of the other, expanding on the basic nature, thoughts and feelings of the poet. Although the dedication in"Being Purple"simply states "For Appa", the book begins with a tribute by the poet to her mother Meenakshi. The lines that  particularly catches one's attention are:

"In her I lose my raging doubts,
my fears and those vile scars aghast
wanderer me, she binds with the world
in her she gives me a home so vast "   

As it is with most of us who go through the rumble and tumble of life thoughts arise as to where we are going? what is our purpose ? or as the poet asks in her poem "Who am I ? "

"Youth's lost radiance and
childhood's remnant birches
unceasingly ask me-Who am I"
vast compelling roads
where indecision perches  .
unceasingly ask me " Who am I"

We live in a word of lonliness even while being in a crowd. We are more attached to cell phones than human beings, I liked this poem called " Hugs".

"To a day of joy or a gloomy morn
you never know what a hug can do
To a spark of love, or a heart forelorn
you never know what a hug can do

Do you need to be told to take me in your arms?
Let go, let me know and see what your hug can do! "

These satirical verses in the poem"Confirm Or Perish" clearly bring out the poet's take on the subject:

"Be mum, say yes!
wait for your turn, submit!
Don't read, don't disagree
don't reason, be a dimwit "

There are many more lovely poems in the book like "Whimsical rain", "Tell me", "Rape of the lover", " scream of Silence". But in the interests of brevity of this blog, I am moving on to the second book " Ambedo". You will have to contact the publishers- Partridge, if you wish to savour all the poems!

The term "Ambedo", according to the Dictionary of Obscure sorrows is "a kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details- briefly soaking in the experience of being alive, an act that is done for its own sake". The book is divided into sections such as "Divine and I", "She". "Love" " Hope, Peace and other good things", "Angst and travel", Form and Formless" "Stray verse" and "duets". However, I am simply going to discuss those verses that captivated me irrespective of the section they belong to.

Apart from her other interests, the poet started out as a big devotee of  Lord Krishna which I believe, she still is. Let us take a look at these lines from the poem "Sukshma Krishna"

"In him I see master, my philosopher in disguise
 In him I find meaning and in his smile my failure's reprise
 In him I see the one truth he causes falsehood's demise
 In him I sense divine reckoning he is life's very premise"

Talking about the divine in another poem (don't stop looking for me here) she says

" Compassion, inclusion, acceptance and love
   is all it takes- nothing more!

The fiercely independant nature of the poet that we discussed earlier is brought out in full measure in the poem "Don't Foot my Bill"

"Don't care to pull me a chair
 Don't help open my kitchenware
 Don't think my time is always spare
 Don't think I'm born only to cook n care

Dont seat at the window sill
Don't you ever- ever foot my bill!

Some lines about a friend from school days in the poem " She and I" catches one's attention. Retaining frienship for such a long time is rare these days.

" I retreated from a bullying school ground
dusty,broken and esteem south bound
jest and mockery did menacingly resound
she reached out unmindful, I came around

Yet a pride lives unnecessary to flaunt,
Our friendship lingers like a flavoured chant."

In the poem "She", the poet talks about herself in the candid manner that she is in real life:

"Yes, I am flawed, imperfect, and slow
Unfinished and coarse, got no one to bow
but my flaws aren't coloured with falsehood's glow
My coarseness holds nothing I'd rather not show

Ranks and green wads no longer define me
one and zero diplomacy isn't all that I see
Don't threaten me with your labels of 'ought to be'
I am that, I am you, What's more? I am SHE!

Now, let us a take a look at the poet's approach to life, as articulated in the poem "Every Day":

"Everyday I find a new note of promise and truth
and the world plays to despair and gloom;
yet I rehearse my note with joy

Everyday the world fields my yesterday's deaths
yet, everyday I choose my everydays to live   " 

There are many poems I like in this collection on varying subjects such as the one on "Grand parents", " Bengaluru", " Midnight rain', " words are not enough" " This is not the train I know" and more...

Yet, all good things have to come to come to an end and  before signing off  I am quoting below  a few more impactful lines from Ambedo.

How Soundly He Sleeps

How soundly he sleeps my gentle beloved
unaware that I pine for his waking,
how soundly in my heart he's safely coved
unaware of the hours lost in aching

In him flows a philosophy of knowing,
in me the sheer burden of being
in him the peace of a 'just rained sky'
in me the mayhem of a wronged firefly"


Yes! I am an outcaste and proudly so
An outspoken woman who always want more
opinions aplenty and a will to do the chore
I prioritise self esteem whilst earning a decent score

Yes! I have no child yet- no biological motherhood
A vagabond who loves strangers, the way only a child would
I give without thinking in return, what the other should
I've learnt that a lioness can shelter a stray for good.

A Little Verse 

Love is a wonder that ceases to cease
and it shines so ready in your eyes.
like an infant's clasp it binds you to me
and gifts my soul to the skies...

Just Me

"There is an uncomplicated joy in being me
No pretence, no excuses just me
There's freedom in being myself
No make up, no tuck ins just by myself

There's life in being all that I can be,
No more, no less, just all I can be"   

I have had the pleasure of knowing and interacting with the poet Saranya Francis, as a fellow member of the India Poetry Circle and Bangalore Poetry circle. Often times when we actually meet people whom we have only seen on the celluloid or whose books we have read, we find that the actual person is so different from the person we had imagined.. There is no such disappointment when it comes to Saranya, poet / author,  for she is as authentic in real life as she is in  her writing.

It is this genuiness, openness, transparency and passion that is showcased in the two books- Being Purple and  Ambedo; books designed to steal the reader's hearts!

  Link  for book purchase on Amazon :



Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Societal clichés

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We hear and see cliché  images all the time
of woman always controlled by the male
father in chilhood, husband after marriage
and sons in old age....

No one bothers, cares or believes
of the boy being controlled by women
from boyhood through manhood
by grandmom, mom and wife
and daughters in later life...

Yet they also form part of population
they can't even show their true selves
their true feelings or plight
for fear of being ridiculed "Sissy"
after all, boys don't cry!

Saturday, 21 April 2018

The Change

One can no longer be
the unique self that
humans were meant to be

A place for everyone
the extrovert and the the introvert
the bubbly, the shy
and the quiet ones too

Now the norm, expectations
is sameness, read boring
everyone pulsating, raring to go
else be left out, unnoticed
like a piece of furniture
in the background.....

Even poets, singers, behind the scene artists
who once valued privacy, change for survival
its not about their lines being read or heard

To be of any value, to be noticed
people  have to be seen! not just heard.....

Sunday, 15 April 2018

The Politician and the Priest

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Beware of the priest and the politician,
says Osho
both want to control, convert
free willed, lively beings
into docile, impotent ones
brain washed, white washed
sanitised, to become
toys of their bidding! 

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Captivating Lines from Here and There-19

  • The therapeutic successes of non-medical healers throughout the ages must be evaluated in the light of the capacity for self healing that exists in all living forms and particularly in human beings - From the book " Anatomy of illness" by Norman Cousins 
  • The answer to helplessness is not so very complicated. A man can do something for peace without having to jump into politics Each man has inside him a basic decency and goodness - Don Pablo Casals, Musician 
  • Shop burnt! House burnt!Goods burnt! but Faith not burnt! Starting business tomorrow!
  • Never depend on your genius. If you have talent,industry will improve it; if you do not, industry will supply the deficiency- John Ruskin, Art critic
  • Far too many people short circuit their chances of success due to a low self image- Paul.J. Meyer, Author & success Guru 
  • 'Complex' means there are many parts to the problem. ' Complicated' means you cannot distinguish one part from the other. When you become egotistical in a situation, you complicate it.
  • If you see a situation as 'complicated' you will remain lost. If you see it as 'complex' and analyse the various parts, you will find several simple obvious answers.Put them all together and you will have your solution.
  • "The feeling of fear" seems complicated until you take it apart- eg. Are you afraid of flying or are you afraid of crashing?
  • The digital world is pretty biased in that way. Your failures are personal and your success is public.If we constantly live in such a biased world, our expectations from life also become biased, where small failures become massive and big successes look small.-
     Sathyarth Priyedarshi, Head of marketing, Jio chat.
  • If man  listens to the goodness and acts on it, he is giving a great deal of what it is the world needs most. It is not complicated but it takes courage. It takes courage for a man to listen to his own goodness and act on it. Do we dare to be ourselves? This is the question that counts.-  Don Pablo Casals, musician 

Sunday, 11 March 2018

People Pleasers

You can please some people most of the time
all of the people some of the time
but all people at all times?
'people pleasers' beware!
you are not God
Can't please everyone at all times
perhaps even God wouldn't want to do that!

In the mad frenzy to please
many lose physical health
mental and emotional health
so much easier and healthy it is
to just be yourself, do what pleases you
and in that bargain if some are pleased
so be it, It is a bonus.....

NB:Anita Moorjani, cancer beater and author of the book "Dying to be me" credits her then nature of 'people pleasing' as the cause of the  cancer.leading to a near death experience (NDE).


Thursday, 15 February 2018

Captivating Lines from Here and There- 18

  • Revealing your business means educating people about what you do. Reveal the business nobody knows by telling people what you are all about. You still have to be brief, clear and interesting of course. But if you tell your story,you will win more loyal customers than if you don't- From the book "The 7 lost secrets of success by Joe Vitale, 
  • People are logical and emotional.You have to appeal to both sides to capture their loyalty.
  • People love experts.Authorities are more easily listened to because we assume they know what they are talking about. Become an authorized expert in your field and you are seen as a type of God-  From "The 7  lost secrets of success"
  • Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things.... I am tempted to think...there are no little things- Bruce Barton;Author & advertising executive
  • Martin Seligman's (Father of positive psychology) research suggests that people get a boost in personal happiness when they use their signature strengths regularly and in new and creative ways- Dave and Wendy Ulrich, Authors
  • Form a mental image or picture of yourself as being well, imagining a perfectly strong and healthy body- Spend sufficient time in contemplating this image to make it your habitual thought of yourself- Wallace.D.Wattles, Author " Science of being well"
  • Any one who can't think of a story about their company culture or customers is spending too much time in their office and not enough time with the real people who live in the world he or she wants to influence- Annette Simmons, Author of  "Who ever tells the best story wins"
  • Graphics tidy up reality whereas stories reveal the mess. Avoiding messy reality keeps your message clear but shallow- Annette Simmons. Author 
  • The four deadly horsemen are criticism,contempt,defensiveness and stonewalling. Spouses, bosses and friends can go a long way to improve the emotional climate in a given setting by avoiding the four deadly horsemen- Dave Ulrich, Author
  • Leaders who are shaming,critical or grumpy may evoke a lot of action, but not necessarily a lot of learning and real productivity-  Dave and Wendy Ulrich, Authors

Sunday, 11 February 2018


When you insult me
ignore, belittle,misbehave
it looks like you have
won, made a point

Yet before it reaches me
all the negatives taking birth
and passing through you
do more harm to you,
than it will ever do me;

It is you who end up
drinking a lot of water
for diluting the darkness inside!

NB: This poem is inspired by the teachings of BK (Brahmakumaris)

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Winter and Spring

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I have a friend
he has his problems
both personal and professional
yet the tagline on his profile reads
" This too shall  pass"

Wallowing on the winter state, versus
expectantly awaiting the spring
makes all the difference
if it is winter now
can spring be far behind?

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Some Thoughts on the Book- Nature at my Doorstep

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It is not often that you come across books that showcase more than one talent. In the blogging circles, artists like Mallika Chari, Deepa Gopal Sunil and Sethi Krishan Chand also write verses. However, their first passion is their art. In respect of the author of "Nature at my Doorstep", Latha Prem Sakhya, I believe her first love is poetry followed by painting. Her maiden book "Memory Rain" was a poetry collection published in 2008 by Roots and Wings. She has published subsequently a third book "Vernal Strokes" through Partridge publishing.

In the book under discussion,the author has chosen to include prose also along with poetry and painting. The one thing that is clear even on a cursory glance of the book is that it is steeped in nature. There is a narration by the protagonist  Kanaka, tracing her life from childhood, adolescence and later years. She grew up amidst nature with plenty of flora and fauna. Seeing the sheer authenticity of the narrative, one suspects that there is an autobiographical streak in the narrative of the author.

The reader can be initially confused. Does one read the book page by page or focus first on the poetry or should it be the narrative followed by poetry and painting? As for me, I started reading the story of Kanaka and was hooked. I had no choice but to read the narrative fully before biting into the poetry and relishing the painting. Another reader may choose differently. After all when a feast is laid out, some instantly go in for the sweet while others prefer to save it for the last.

The narration about the life and times of Kanaka is full of anecdotes featuring the naughty times of childhood, the joint family scenario and Kanaka's love for plants and animals. This excerpt gives an idea of the content of the prose "Belonging to a large family, with grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins, her home was full of people.Life was always filled with excitement, fun and laughter, sometimes tinges with tears and sorrows."

Now lets us also take a look at Kanaka's thoughts in later life- "Kanaka had always been haunted by the other self that resided deep within her. A wild, wild self, curbed and imprisoned within the inner space of her sophisticated self."

Moving on to the poetry, the poet's sensitive nature can be seen in the poem titled "Why are you so crazy"?

Why are you so crazy?
Matters negligible to others
Trouble and torment you
What makes you so sensitive, lassie
To others' as well as your problems?

In the poem "New Nest" she writes

In a tiny nest, the she birds's pride-
Geared up for her first flight,
with mounting excitement
Wings gathering balance

The relationship of the poet with birds and nature in general is revealed by the lines

Landing gracefully
On my kitchen veranda,
He pecks on the rice daintily,
While I watch with awe and wonder,
Nature at my door step. 

Now, for a glimpse of the poet's love poems:

The azure sky,
Streaked with gold-
In an orange -blue sari,
Made me yearn to drape it
And waltz down the street,
Showing off to my friends
Our intimacy.

Your Love for me

Your love for me
Is like the air I breathe,
I do not see but I feel.
It keeps me sailing

Softens my speech.
Fills me with generosity,
To forgive and to forget-
Even soul hurts.

There are many more impactful poems in the book including "The Lord of the Night". However, I will finally quote a few lines from a poem that caused an ache in my heart. It discusses putting away of a sick animal/ pet (mercy killing?)

Shall I Let her Go? 

My heart bleeding for her,
I threw the noose around her neck
The animal trust and love unconditional

A Judas, I betrayed her
With the lethal shot
Whimpering she fell down
Her large eyes fixed on me.
Tears pouring down my cheeks
I hastened away, cursing my life, my job.

The paintings in the book are a combination of those on oil on canvas and the black & white caricatures of nature in all her splendour. I am not reproducing any of those here; you will simply have to grab a copy from the publishers to savour them.

To conclude,"Nature at my Doorstep" is a wonderful treat satisfying the pallet and tastes of  most readers as it  makes available a heady mix of prose, poetry and painting. Readers of all ages are bound to find the book interesting and engaging. One can have an eventful journey amidst nature while at the same time enjoying  the varied hues of life.

Nature at my Door Step : Published in 2011
Author: Latha Prem Sakhya
Publisher: Roots & Wings
ISBN :  978-81-909900-3-5

Wednesday, 24 January 2018


In an earlier time, the anonymous
with poor self esteem, craving some attention
wrote and drew on public spaces- walls, desks,
toilet doors of passenger trains...

Response to them from the general public
was at best aversion, contempt or disgust
covering their noses to escape
from the stink they eminated

Now, the very same people
rather their current versions
are seemingly being noticed
getting respectability in the
current new world of social media

So there you have, plenty of trolls
memes and  the like, hiding behind
the safety of anonymity, hitting out
particularly at women, political rivals
and those having independant viewpoints

But will this last, will anyone care
after the intial curiosity & interest wears of ?
Most likely, most people will turn away
and  the spineless specimen
will end up with what they have always had

and  always deserved
aversion, disgust, contempt
and finally, total indifference!

Thursday, 18 January 2018

What are we coming to?

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Messages with frequent use
of words like "Awesome", "Super" "Fantastic"
followed by ten exclamation marks!
and five or more heart symbols....

If coming from the heart
wouldn't a simple "loved it"
followed by a single exclamation mark do?

With so much  phoniness all around
how does one know, how much
of what's said is genuine, how much pretence?
Wonder where we are going,what are we coming to? 

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Captivating Lines from Here and There- 17

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  • For every letter we write, you want to keep the audience in mind, the people who are going to be  receiving the letter. speak in their language and keep their concerns in mind and you want to merge with that to the best of your ability- Bruce Barton, Author, advertising executive & politician 
  • In good times people want to advertise; in bad times they have to- Bruce Barton 
  • The real tragedy of life is when people are are afraid of the light- Plato, Philosopher 
  • Appreciative inquiry can be as simple as having a conversation asking people to tell you their stories of what is working and respond with interest and enthusiasm- Sue Harris Hammond, Author of the book "The thin book of Appreciative inquiry" 
  • A person's way of doing things is the direct result of the way he things about things- Wallace.D.Wattles, Author 
  • You will have to acquire the ability to think the way you want to think- Wallace. D Wattles (सोचकर सोचना - Read my post:  https://rajeevianlinesandverses.blogspot.in/2017/12/blog-post.html 
  • Guard your speech. Never speak of yourself, your affairs or of anything else in a discouraged or discouraging way- Wallace. D Wattles
  • The leader of the past knew how to tell. The leader of the future will know how to ask- Peter Drucker, Management Guru 
  • Thw world will not become a better place because we learn; the world will only become a better place only when we do- Marshall Goldsmith, Author and Executive coach 
  • He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how - Fredrick Nietzsche, Philosopher & Scholar

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


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In line with the times
anything and everything
is getting the 'ignore' treatment
this is true even for
beings and things you
yourself, invited in to your lives

So the obedient, helpless alarm
keeps ringing and blaring
initially, and at frequent intervals
only to be ignored, paid the least heed

if not interested, why set the poor alarm
in the first place...?