Wednesday, 24 January 2018


In an earlier time, the anonymous
with poor self esteem, craving some attention
wrote and drew on public spaces- walls, desks,
toilet doors of passenger trains...

Response to them from the general public
was at best aversion, contempt or disgust
covering their noses to escape
from the stink they eminated

Now, the very same people
rather their current versions
are seemingly being noticed
getting respectability in the
current new world of social media

So there you have, plenty of trolls
memes and  the like, hiding behind
the safety of anonymity, hitting out
particularly at women, political rivals
and those having independant viewpoints

But will this last, will anyone care
after the intial curiosity & interest wears of ?
Most likely, most people will turn away
and  the spineless specimen
will end up with what they have always had

and  always deserved
aversion, disgust, contempt
and finally, total indifference!


  1. Social Media is a tool, I used it to become a world traveler! :D

    1. This poem is not so much about social media as the tendency of some people to write negative things in public spaces anonymously.
      As for social media, it is like fire which is nuetral and can be used for warmth, cooking and also for burning/causing harm.In this poem we are discussing the latter situation....

  2. As you have rightly observed, social media has replaced public places like toilet walls etc.. :D