Monday, 30 October 2017

A Lesson Beyond the Subject

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During the journey,
the ups and downs of life
I remembered, still remember
our English literature teacher at school
who taught us the distinction
between "calling attention" and "drawing attention"

"Calling attention" is relatively easy
use loud and colourful language
or even loud clothes, body movements
and presto, you have achieved your goal!

"Drawing attention" is a
different ball game altogether
it is a result of long term efforts
years of character building
developing personality, maturity,
and equanimity from the inside

As a parting shot, the teacher had declared
"Never call attention to yourself"
instead focus always on " Drawing attention" !

Saturday, 28 October 2017


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You may think, he hardly speaks,
interacts with people or that
she remains silent most of the time.. and so
"He is arrogant. She is vain"
Both may infact just be plain shy....

You may think that fellow never spends money
"Such a kanjoos, a despicable miser..."
He may be what he is
because of a difficult childhood

Relax....pause, count one to ten
before you pull that judgement trigger!

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Life Line in Hand Astrology

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Crumbling foot over bridges
open manholes, pot holes on busy roads
polluted air and water
contaminated veggies and food stuffs
to top it all, apathetic unconcerned politicians...

If you are an Indian
and you are alive, thank the almighty
all credit to your strong life line!

Saturday, 21 October 2017

A Little Better

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Become a little better yourself
forget the muck
the wrongs you see around
all that is wrong in other's scripts
just focus on your own script
on playing your part better
and lo and behold,
the world is already a better place!

Friday, 20 October 2017


To my mind, the "agree or disagree" question, in the proposition appears to be  knave, insensitive or both. .Of course divorce affects! It is not something that is debatable.Divorce affects a child badly and leaves scars on him/her for a life time.When even eating something that does not agree with one's body affects a child physically and mentally; what can be said of a matter that culminates in having to choose one parent over the other, listening to barbs of relatives and friends, emotional blackmailing by the parent with whom the child lives etc.It is a wonder and big achievement that the child is even able to restore normalcy and go on with life in the mainstream.

The small mercies today, is that in the present times there are more divorces, so a small child is atleast able to comprehend to some extent as to what is happening. There are more discussions on the subject today  on TV and he/she can find other kids going through similar trauma, pain and feelings of inadequacy. What if the divorce happened in the sixties? The plight of the child would have been a lot worse.

Divorces could adversely affect children to such an extent that the child who was in the top rung in performance at school slips to the bottom half. His personality could change from being docile to aggressive or from an extrovert to an introvert, completely withdrawing into his shell. The child avoids social situations in order to avoid embarrassing questions from every Tom, Dick and Harry. If the child lives with the mother even a nuetral everyday question like " What is your father?"can be uncomfortable and painful ( atleast to the child of the earlier era).The child may resort to binge eating to compensate for the emotional problems ending up over weight or become under weight losing all interest in food and life in general.

Given the present lifestyles and life priorities, divorce may become inevitable in some cases when living together becomes a  psychological,/physical torture and the divorce may be in the interests of the children as well. However, the divorce decision should not be taken casually or in a  frivolous manner by the two adults without giving due consideration to the physical, emotional and social impact on the little ones. Infact I had written a poem echoing these sentiments some time back in Malayalam with an English translation-"We want you Both". Readers may like to visit there, clicking this link.... 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


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In spirituality, when we're told
to be detached from day to day living
it doesn't mean, detached from people
or even detached from circumstances
it only means detached from
the influence of circumstances...

If overwhelmed by circumstances
one cannot  play role effectively
whether the circumstance be
dissatisfaction with / loss of job
loss of loved one or separation
it is being detached, that gives clarity
for taking next step
facing situation courageously!

Even in a play on stage
if a co-actor forgets his lines
it is not raving & ranting
finding fault, that will save the day

Being calm and detached
focusing on one's own script
not being overwhelmed by circumstances
retrieves situation, restores balance
it is detachment that shows the way!

NB: This post is inspired by teachings of BK (Brahmakumaris) as articulated by Sister Shivani

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Exciting Selfie

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Courtesy: Free Google images

From the cliff top
exquisite, stunning view
of the landscape, the valley below
Ajay thought it beautiful
but couldn't dwell on it

He was busy adjusting camera
for better n better angles
visualizing the impact, it's thunder
on FB, instagram,other social media
this pleasant thought and feeling lingered
even as he slipped and fell into valley
down, down, down below....

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Women Issues

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If the proof of the pudding is in the eating
then the recent media attention
hue and cry, breast beating
has done little to change
the plight of women, who
continue to be gang raped
tortured for dowry, ill treated
not only by the other, but her own sex!

Back to the basics
is what’s most important
starting from school and the home
inculcating values of respect,
equality and concern
for all living beings, particularly women

Else all this negative tom-toming
will only encourage more negative behaviour
and raise TRP ratings of TV channels
that would only be happy for more stories!  
the juicier, the better!

Note: According to the Law of Attraction, we attract more of what we focus on.