Monday, 28 September 2015

One Little Question

I’m Sorry, I’m sorry
but just can’t help asking a question
To the hep youngsters
Of urban India
Can’t hold back asking      
even at the risk of being dubbed
old fashioned, outdated, over the hill!

Granted you have the money
of which your parents could only dream
enough money for a fast life, fast food
in swanky restaurants, every other day...

But so much of food as ‘starters’
with no place in belly  for main course!
yet splurging because it’s a buffet
 topping it with alluring ’deserts’!

Slowly visitors come knocking
Mr Cholesterol, Ms Obesity …
yet, you couldn’t care less
With age on your side 
but when close friends have easily entered
would diabetes and CVD
be far behind?  

Ps: CVD refers to Cardio Vascular disease
This poem was recited by me in the multilingual poet's meet organized by the cultural centre of Vijayawada

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Evasive Peace

It’s but natural
for man to be concerned,
worried about violence
all over the world

It’s natural for him
to worry and agonize
over future of the world order,
 of world peace….

Bur more concerned should he be
of violence in own country
in his own state
violence in his own district
in the neighbourhood…

First and foremost though
his concern should be
for the lack of peace in his
own mind and heart

Without the first step
world peace would be
like a flying bird

Ever evasive, out of reach!

Ps: This poem was recited by me at the Guntur International Poetry Festival on 22nd September 2015

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Slowly and surely
the first world
is making everyone
the whole world, like them....

Fast and furious
greedy for money and things material
winning at any cost
high on adrenaline and low on patience

Everything in a hurry
everything seen a race
exercise,'quality time with family'
all done like rituals, a necessity
not enjoyable activities
for its own sake...

Clones as it is, are distasteful
all the more when modelled
on a limited and false
understanding,approach to life!