Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Modern times

Selfie culture, interesting culture
A man is dying in accident
others busily click away
instead of dialing102

Got a 'foreward' the other day
of a child in a train
sitting by a 'stranger'
the child could be kidnapped
hints the message
requesting readers to look out & save boy

In the what's up discussions
one member is annoyed, enraged...
what was the fellow doing clicking picture
instead of confronting 'stranger'?
if he couldn't do a thing
why expect others thousands of miles away
to do something?

Was it a case of  being trigger happy
and iresponsible?
or having fun at others expense?
whatever it be, one can only muse
in the modern times...it seems to be..
" Oh anything for that moment of attention!"

Monday, 1 June 2015

Listen to the Voice of Nature

It has been said
That illness is  no calamity
It is your friend and  guide
Giving you signals

To go slow, take care
Not abuse your body or mind
through overwork, partying
Or using substances…

When you have
heard the message
and heeded to its advice
You come back
Rejuvenated,  and strong
 Better than ever before!