Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Modern times

Selfie culture, interesting culture
A man is dying in accident
others busily click away
instead of dialing102

Got a 'foreward' the other day
of a child in a train
sitting by a 'stranger'
the child could be kidnapped
hints the message
requesting readers to look out & save boy

In the what's up discussions
one member is annoyed, enraged...
what was the fellow doing clicking picture
instead of confronting 'stranger'?
if he couldn't do a thing
why expect others thousands of miles away
to do something?

Was it a case of  being trigger happy
and iresponsible?
or having fun at others expense?
whatever it be, one can only muse
in the modern times...it seems to be..
" Oh anything for that moment of attention!"


  1. an interesting satirical take on today's tech-driven world....the bit on 'selfie' is poignant....

  2. You have made a valid point!