Sunday, 11 March 2018

People Pleasers

You can please some people most of the time
all of the people some of the time
but all people at all times?
'people pleasers' beware!
you are not God
Can't please everyone at all times
perhaps even God wouldn't want to do that!

In the mad frenzy to please
many lose physical health
mental and emotional health
so much easier and healthy it is
to just be yourself, do what pleases you
and in that bargain if some are pleased
so be it, It is a bonus.....

NB:Anita Moorjani, cancer beater and author of the book "Dying to be me" credits her then nature of 'people pleasing' as the cause of the  cancer.leading to a near death experience (NDE).


  1. Well said and the cancer story is scary!

  2. Thank you Mridula! Happy to see you go into the essence of the poem and appreciate it.