Monday, 21 March 2016

Their Voices alone are Heard

Only their voices are heard

Business man, business woman, sympathisers            
are coming to the defence of defaulting tycoon
"Give him a chance" they plead
"Avoid media trials
 due processes need to be followed
 and this takes time..."

None came to the defence of the farmer
who joined his maker, driven by
desperation and humiliation
after his tractor, the very source of livelihood
was confiscated by bank authorities..

He had  repaid only 5 lakhs
 of the 7 lakh loan taken

Voices of the marginalised
are in theory to be heard
through the MPs and MLAs,they elected
sadly, the reps have no time
they are too busy pandering
to the needs of those
whose voices alone are heard...


  1. But great lines... very well expressed.... :-)

  2. The world has always favoured the rich and the powerful and these people think that the poor exist just for enhancing their wealth and power. Nice poem. Powerful.

  3. Thank you for the feedback and appreciation Tomichan!