Wednesday, 28 January 2015


I looked at the stranger...

oblivious of me
he was engrossed  on the video game
projected on the TV
in my living room

All free time, when at home time
is spent by the stranger
on playing video games
in fact he seemed hooked to the video games...

These days we hardly speak
chat, exchange views
even on the rare occasion
we eat a meal together

The other day
on a rare visit
as family to a relative's place
I was surprised
to hear him talk
earnestly, passionately
on subjects many
to me, monosyllables it was
that dominated conversation!

Many summers ago though
when still below the late teens
this boy was no stranger
he was my son...

When little, the two brothers and I
had pillow fights
played ball
and all of us including mom
went out together
the whole family..

Some time, some where
the lines diverged
interests changed
so we now sit in
the same living room
as strangers...

one glued to the video game
the other unable to watch TV
or have a conversation
as of yore...


  1. after all we are all unique individuals. It is a sad reality that we would have to let go our kids to be independent individuals.

    Loved your poem.

    Ajay Pai

  2. Thank you Ajai.The poem does not depict interference in the kid's individuality.It is more about break down in communication..Yet I appreciate your point of view as well.Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Yes. thanks for the clarity. Unsure why that thought came to my mind as I read the poem. Maybe the way I perceived would be differently.

  4. Nicely depicted changing society here. Youngsters only wanna indulge in gadgets,sapping them of physical activity. India is heading towards bigger lifestyle disease and weaker family links :-(

  5. Agree with you Amrita.As ajai suggests we have to be better prepared for it.Thanks for your feedback. Sorry, I saw your comment only now & so the late response...