Friday, 2 October 2015

The Path of Peace

Love, the antidote to war and violence
Love, the path to peace and prosperity
Peace no longer a concern
when the love circumference
gets bigger and bigger
beyond the immediate family…

Beyond races and nations
encompassing all of mankind
and all living beings
banishing the disease of strife and violence

Yes, Love is like a gentle flowing river
that use no force to subdue, overcome
yet touches the hearts, gently embraces
One and all that crosses its path!

Ps: This poem was recited by me at the Guntur International Poetry Festival on 22nd September 2015


  1. Nice poem Rajeev Sir!
    We need such poems that can influence the society!

  2. beyond races and nations, like a river....beautiful imagery Rajeev Sir.....!

  3. Beautiful poem and great that it was recited. Adds more charm to the written words.