Wednesday, 9 December 2015


It's so easy to debate issues
sitting in the cool comfort
of  your home or
airconditioned conference rooms....

So whether the subject is
eliminating attacking stray dogs
or doing away with the dreaded Bell curve
effective, persuasive debates happen
showcasing the shrewd language skills
quick thinking and sense of humour
of  the talented participants...

You are happy to make a point
proud that you chose the side of debate
the last spot, that had no takers
confident of your ability to excel on any side...

But ask the mother
whose child's  cheeks were mauled
and reconstructed after stray dog bites

or ask the fellow whose self esteem
 and self confidence scarred forever
on  rated 'average'consistently
then consoled, putting blame on the 'forced distribution'

yes, you can debate fiercely
so long as the subject
 has not touched you personally....


  1. That's exactly the problem with all Rulers and Intellectuals who in reality many times keep away from the living Public around!

  2. Thank you so much Sreedharji for underscoring a very valid point of the elite being far removed from the reality on the ground...

  3. So right you are!
    All kinds of inexperienced people make the rules.

  4. That's true. Unless you've lived the pain, you won't know it. Sad, that rulemakers in India would never know the importance and feasibility of rules, because they don't really have to follow them

  5. Thank you Kish for sharing your thoughts!