Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Landmark for the Second Mother ( Dec 2015 )

After your mother, your first teacher
the next most influential entity in life
is your second mother
your beloved School!

She gave not just formal education
but opportunities to gain confidence
to develop your skills
 through co-curricular actvities
for me, it was debating,acting,
volley ball, singing,  Et al

Come 19th December, we are all going
to the 50th anniversary
of our beloved mother
KV- Ernakulam

In her environs
was celebrated
the unity and diversity of India
with both students & teachers
from all parts of India-East,west
North and South!

Yes, all of us from various parts
of the country and world
will join hands to celebrate
pay homage to our beloved mother
on her big day, the Golden jubilee
a love and  service landmark
of  fifty years ...


  1. Wow that's beautiful. Enjoy the 50th anniversary of your school :)
    You've described it so well through this poem :)

  2. Thank you Purba! Looking forward to the D day...

  3. WOW, my school is relatively new. Do share your experience. School is indeed one of our mothers.

  4. That's great. May good schools increase by numbers so that more and more kids around the world get the chance to educate themselves.

  5. Thank you Sunaina.That is a wonderful thought you have expressed for the good of young children all over the world!