Monday, 7 December 2015

Tamasha- Movie Review

Imtiaz Ali, the director
has given us many good pics
the movie had favourite  lead players as well
so off I went to the theatre to see 'Tamasha"
and got not just fun & entertainment but much more!

If the first half set in Corsica  was more of typical 'Bolywood'
fun, frolic,dance in exotic foriegn locales
the second half, back home  is gripping, insightful
and if you can imbibe the message
I dare say, life transforming.....

While in Corsica, lead players
agree to be  free of formalities
let  their hair down and just have fun
without a care,without even knowing
their real names and agreeing never to meet again...

Returning  home, hero, Ved is back to a routine corporate job
fitting in, following the rules to the teeth
respectful to the boss and his chiding
and it is business as usual,

Who is the real Ved?
the one that was in Corsica
or the one back in India?
How many of us have a lot of Ved in us
just going through the motions
speaking, reacting or laughing as per the norm
not of our free will...

It's good to see movies that set you thinking
rolling out  from the 'Bollywood' stables
is the industry slowly coming of age?
don't know for sure, maybe with time
but, 'Tamasha' is one movie
that stole my head and heart...

Kudos to  Imtiaz, Deepika and Ranbir
to Vivek Mushran who played boss
to all who contributed before and behind camera
of this enjoyable, insightful  film!


  1. Wow! A movie review in the form of poetry. This is awesome.
    I also loved the movie.
    It made me introspect a lot and I could relate a lot to the character of Ved. Imtiaz Ali's movies always satiate my soul and watching Tamasha was also a fulfilling experience :)

  2. Thank you Purba! Happy that ypur views on the movie resonate with mine.

  3. My husband didn't like it one bit but looks like there is something in the movie!

  4. How come you didn't accompany him? See it for yourself and come to your own assessment ...

  5. I too liked the concept, it was quite similar to my thoughts but I didn't dare to pursue. But my younger son dared to pursue his dream and he was successful realizing it. Many disliked this movie.It is a movie for the ambitious mind, who wish to pursue it differently.

  6. Thank you Ila for giving a detailed response sharing aspects of your qwn life. Glad to know that your younger son pusued his dreams..