Saturday, 8 August 2015

Chalk and Cheese ( Drishyam)

Thought I won't write this
as my review in verses always  came
when  I was so impressed
with  a  movie
yet  couldn't help writing this one
though frustration and  disappointment
was the motivation this time..

Both the original and the Hindi versions are called "Drishyam"
the title apart though, they are
like chalk and cheese!

 Yet a respected critic
like Rajiv Masand  who must
have seen only this version
has given a rating
of 3.5 out of 5,
credit for this goes to the powerful script
which  sadly is also tampered by director Kamat

If the Tamil version
emerged as powerful
as the Malayalam original
much of the credit
goes to the common director

Jeethu knew his characters well
for Mohan Lal, there was Kamal
for Meena, Gauthami
couple of actors
retained for the remake

Nishant on the other hand
seems casual and careless
A complex role demanding a Naseer, Nana  or Om
is placed on 'frail' shoulders of hapless Ajay

If one feels that a house wife role
can be played by any doll
the lie is exposed
when the real drama begins

When the real drama unfolds
main characters fall short
sleep walking and uninvolved
in a tense gripping plot

The elder daughter role
is better essayed though
 with Kamat in his version
 giving  her "adopted" tag
perhaps he wants to save
the image of the hero
save him the embarrassment
of a  teen aged girl's dad!

The only exciting casting
that motivated watching movie
was casting competent Tabu
as the inspector General of Police

Sadly the bungling director
fiddled with this role too
caricatured the character basically
as a sadist lady officer

In the original the character
was a normal human being
torn between the role of a mother
and a law enforcer

So poor Tabu is ordered to howl
and bark most of the time
 the name of police man
 to inflict violence
sensitivity and & pain of a mother
lost in the melee ...
yet the original earned Asha Sharath
lot of bouquets, even more applause
as she repeated role in Tamil!

As you leave theatre, it's the thought
of  "What might have been"....
yet  those seeing it first time
may still think it good
energy to salvage lying in  the script!


  1. Wow same movie in three avatars and you can review it in a poem format! Amazing.

  2. Thank you Mridula and Ananya.Your words are so motivating!

  3. Checked out your video Ananya.Very innovative and beautiful!