Friday, 31 July 2015

What's your Story?

Many just can’t believe
are still shell shocked
even after a week…

Can’t simply fathom
that such a one as you
bubbling with life
24 by seven
Could  take your own life….

What happened in those
four hours prior
Or did it go
a long way before that?

People described you as ‘bold’, ‘dashing’
one with zest for life, a winner
yet… the incident raises questions
where these labels wrong? Way off?
Inside the confident exterior
was lurking a weak, frightened being?

What’s your story?
What exactly is your story?

You chose your partner
disregarding religious differences
you chose him knowing well
his profession was related to entertainment
and that socialisation and social drinking
were all part of the profession

Or were there other aspects
that led to this sorry  end?
What’s your story?
What exactly is your story?

Of the three who know the truth
You, him and God
Two are mute
And cannot speak…

Ah, it’s futile to ask
“What’s your story?”
You took it along with you
deep in to the grave.
and the truth  will ever remain
 a secret…


  1. Some truths are buried and there is no one to answer them. Life is so complex and contrived.

  2. Thank you Saru for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Unanswered questions leave us sad. Very well written.

  4. Thank you Indrani! Yes, you words resonate the mood of the poem..