Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A Block Buster to Cherish- Bajrangi Bhaijan

After many many years
ventured out to watch
a movie featuring hero
whom I had'nt cared for
in the first place

And had begun to like
less and less
as the swagger increased
and the persona became
bigger and bigger
than the film itself!

yet here was a movie
reminding me of the seventees
when everyone knew
what to expect
a  'Kitchedi' of make believe
of sentiments,love, comedy,  fights
et all ,enjoyed in the dark hall
and  everyone  coming out smiling and happy!

Bajrangi Bhaijan has them all
all shades of emotions
not just violence, more violence
and still more violence...

A plot of love
'Mohabbat'of an Indian Hindu
for a sweet little Pakistani girl
who strayed  across the border
in to 'unfriendly' country'...
it features the trials that follow
as he resolves to reunite kid with family
crossing 'unfriendly''border
without visa, travel documents!

Kudos to Kabir, the director
Salman, the hero
Nawazuddin who played reporter
and the sweet little Harshita
so naughty, so innocent
speaking with her  face
and eyes alone as she cannot speak...

Tears in the eye, lump in the throat
 after a very long time
Was  I ashamed, embarrased
to be caught weak, vulnerable in public?

No, not in the least!
I was watching a Hindi movie
A true blue blooded Hindi movie
the way it used to be
the way it was meant to be
an array of emotions
culminating in a happy end!


  1. very interesting Rajeev... I like the way you presented it... :-)
    Cheers, Archana -

  2. I love how you come up with a unique post every time (mostly in verses). enjoyed reading it :)

    1. And we love the way you convey the current and burning issues so effortlessly, humorously and bang on with your cute little cartoon strips, Debajyoti :)

  3. Thank you so much Debajyothi! your words are so motivating!

  4. A lovely ode to a very beautiful movie, Rajeev.The movie had Salman but no 'Salman' in it. The movie is a wonderful watch... very aptly you described the lump in the throat kind of emotional trip the viewer takes along with the trio to reunite the little girl with her family in Pakistan....

  5. Thank you Bushra. I am happy to note that you share my feelings on the subject..