Friday, 20 March 2015

Crumbling Institution

The old institution
time tested institution
"a haven in a hapless world" they say
is today under threat
from within and without!

Many are standing by the door
reluctant to enter
loss of freedom
loss of space
many other reasons
cited  as  obstacles

The ones who've entered
apprehensive, bored, fed up...
not willing to play
by the rules
of the institution, anymore

A touch, a look
mutual respect
go abegging
roles performed -just
going through the motions
not in the way it was
originally envisaged...

What use is a building
strong, sturdy, beautiful
on the outside
but cold, without spirit
without love or respect
in the inside?

Can a cold palatial house
substitute for a humble
loving home ever?
Ever?  Ever? 


  1. No, interiors must be strong to stand the tests of time.

  2. Never .. never...
    Nice lines.

  3. Thank you Singhalok, Mridula and Indrani for your feedback!