Saturday, 28 March 2015

Blind Aping

Bench marking and modeling
Other persons and culture
Could be beneficial, advantageous
For improvement and progress

In NLP, we copy good qualities
Traits we admire in another
And we make it our own...
All this done is  consciously
yes, Copying, but
Not  everything about person or culture
But only  qualities good and
Worth emulating alone…

Aping blindly though
Could do more harm than good
Why give up your ‘Greeting”
Or corrupt them as “Kaalai Vanakkam”,  “Maalai Vanakkam”

Why replace cool, tiled houses
With cement houses
that suit cold  nations
Wear suit and tie in hot humid conditions?

Why bucket seat toilets
That cause piles like diseases
When toilets for squatting
Provide natural bowel movements?

Ape if you must
But do it with care
Only what you want and love..
Only that benefit you
And future generations!

Foot note:  NLP refers to Nuero Linguistic Programming

"Vanakkam' is the greeting in Tamil similar to'Namaste'in Hindi which means bowing or saluting the higher self or spirit in the other person- It has no significance to the time of the greeting." However, Kaalai vanakkam' means namaste of morning & 'Maalai Vanakkam refers to namaste of evening.
In the other Eastern countries the concept is similar.For example the greeting at all times of the day  in Korea is 'Ännyong Haseyo?' means 'Are you in peace?' and has no significance to the time of the day....


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