Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Shift in Values

There's definitely been
a shift in values
am not saying it's right or wrong
just pointing, drawing attention
to a fact, a reality
of shifting values

Two present day TV Ads
tell the story...

In one, a teenager in a park
offers chocolate bar to father
that enhances his energy
for running two more rounds-
breathing time enough for
whistling to her boy friend
for a quick cosying up

The other Ad admonishes man
for not taking medical insurance
"why should the family sacrifice
its needs and happiness
for your cancer treatment?

Oh no, I am not commenting
just pointing out
the definite shift in values..


  1. I have seen the 1st ad. And the 2nd? Eww! Which is that!? It is pathetic! :O

  2. You should see the insurance Ad also rangelz, as you have reacted it did shock me when I first saw it.
    Thank you rangelz & Paresh for your appreciation!

  3. Yes both the ads stunned me too.

  4. Thank you for your feedback Indrani & Abhjit!

  5. Good observation