Thursday, 16 April 2015


"What meaning does the word "own"  have?
what meaning does the word "related" have?
"own "and "relatives" are mere water marks"
wrote the renowned poet Thampi
for an old  Malayalam film song

Today I say, more and more pain
disillusionment awaits man
if he's  unable to give a wider connotation
to terms like  "öwn" and "related"
 with the whole world one's own
All of mankind, your relatives..

You never feel deprived this way
one relative may not stand by you
but another steps in to help
you also help and relate
to multiple relatives
connected in bigger and higher ways
not just by the birth...

Everyone lives and does things
guided by their true nature
not as a quid pro quo
not worried whether you are returned
what you have given
it does'nt matter any more
being connected to the entire universe


  1. This is what life is all about. It goes on and what we experience become lessons to make it better.

  2. Thank you Saru for sharing your take on life!