Saturday, 30 July 2016

Mute Spectator

The legally wedded spouse
is now wedded to the smart phone
though it is your marriage that is legal

the third person
having in its fold
What's up & facebook
gets all the attention!

but there's nothing
you  can do about it
as no legal remedies
are available to you....


  1. Interesting n true in most houses

  2. The spouses are now spying on each other using a software. It is leading to divorces too.

  3. hahaha...absolutely! My husband was scolding always for using smartphone. And now he has bought a smartphone for himself. So stopped scolding me :)

  4. haha It is funny and tragic at the same time.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Tomichan, Ranjana, Rachna and Amit!

  6. True we are too much into our gadgets, these days. And our kids are watching us and imitating us too.

    But then again, these platforms are being used in new and interesting ways that are proving to be very helpful, too.

    We have to make sure we don't overuse all this technology.

  7. You are right. A balance is what is required.Most people appear to be helpless though. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Divya!

  8. Progress and advancement of the human race at the cost of beautiful relationships very nicely portrayed in this poem!