Sunday, 17 July 2016

"Wheatish Complexion, Ordinary body build"- Movie Review

Of late there's a lot of excitement
over a handful of small budget movies
releasing in the Kannada language
minus the staple diet of glamour,
fights and grandiose sets

So it was back to the theatre
for me after a long time
to watch a Kannada cinema -

and "Godhi banna, sadharana mykattu'
the original words of my translated title
did not disappoint...

My favourite actor Anant Nag
in the lead, essays  role
of an old man with Alzheimer's
disappearing one day in the jungle
in the jungle of Bangalore city....

From then on , it's gripping drama
to trace and find him....

The ambitious son of protagonist
had become so  impatient
annoyed and irritated with the old man
and his disease that  he put him
in an old age home, to focus on career

Even after disappearance
 he is more annoyed and angry
about his career in jeopardy

and it takes the commitment & devotion
of a lady doctor attached to institution
to pass on the urgency and priority
of finding dad at any cost
to the city savvy son!

Parallely, it's about the drama
suspense of a frantic search
and the odd, trying circumstances
the central character lands himself in...
will he reunite with son?
will he with Alzheimer's survive
in the bad, wild world of 'normal' people?
to know this and more watch
wheatish complexion ordinary build (GBSM).

Ananth Nag excels, a treat to watch him
as he moves effortlessly
in scenes before and after ailment
Rakshit Shetty as son, Shruthi Hariharan as doctor
do justice to their roles as do the others
in the supporting cast.

Kudos to the director
Hemanth Rao and his crew
for proving that small films
can also do well commercially
while also getting people to think, ponder
long after they have left theatre....


  1. A review in verse. Now that is not something we see very often. GBSM does sound very interesting.

  2. Thank you Divya.So happy to receive your feedback! In fact this movie is set to be remade in more languages, perhaps in Hindi as well.

  3. Interesting take in an interesting manner! Anant Nag is one of my favorite actors too. :)

  4. Happy that you liked this review Daeepa!