Friday, 5 August 2016

While in the Journey of Life...

What's the point
saying 20,25, 30 years later
"You did this to me
you did that to me
you treated me badly...."
Instead of showing
the courage & conviction
to speak out your feelings at that time
and resolving matters then and there!

Playing the victim card doesn't
change course of life
making it better
yet for some
wallowing in self pity
is in itself the 'thrill of  life'....

Watching an Advt of today
and feeling "My hubby back then
never ever made a cup of tea for me"
or observing the affluent life that
the young can afford today
and thinking "How Little I had to make do those days..."
is meaningless, a wasteful exercise
It's like comparing Gavaskar's times in cricket
not even with Sachin's
but with present Virat Kohli's times..

Sinking, depleting thoughts and feelings
whether from the past, present or imagined future
do not take you to where you "want to go"
a better feeling thought is the starting point
that moves you towards where you want to be

In other words, focus on what you want
not what you do not want
for what you think and focus on
Good or Bad
is attracted into your life!

PS: The poem is composed on the concept of "The Law of Attraction".


  1. Finally! I had first read this poem when it was published, but forgot to bookmark. Then I had to read all your recent poems to locate this one! And finally I found it now. All your works are extremely good, but this one is my favourite.

  2. Thank you so much Amit! I am happy to get your comment as this poem did not receive any feedback- All the more happy to learn that you liked it a lot...