Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Do They Really Care?

24x7 news channels
so desperate for news
north,east,west, south
news from all sides
needs to be collected

"some news, oh God, some news
anything from anywhere
for our survival..
and if we are the first
to reach there, it's jackpot
it's breaking news!
exclusive "only on your channel!"

"More violent, more bizarre
the better it is for us
we only have to pour oil
ensure that the fire doesn't die out
stretch it as long as possible
like the mega serials..
after all it's a bread and butter issue
don't mind it buddy
we need to survive too!"

"Coaxing news our birth right
a talent, our USP
so can't help if  there's no place
in our dictionary for the  word 'Insensitive'
hey, no offence meant  if we bombard
rape victims with questions
add hypothesis and possibilities
to elicit  interesting responses."

Recently almost like a leading question
a reporter  asked a  victim of  gang rape
"what if police, government do nothing about this ? "
he got just  what he wanted when she said
"We the three of us will eat something
and leave this world..."

The 24 hour news channels
are always angry, aggressive
and frequently breaking news
but do they really care?...


  1. This is so sad :\
    Very well written!

  2. The scene is only getting messier. There's too much opinion where there is supposed to be just plain reporting.

  3. Everything and anything happens to earn some profit, sadly!

  4. No, they don't care and all they dole out is noise.

  5. Thank you Divya. I wrote this after I was fed up with the trend...

  6. thank you Alok for sharing your thoughts on the subject- Sadly everything is for "What's in it for me"these days!

  7. Thank you Rachna.Happy to note that you resonate with the theme of this post.