Saturday, 30 April 2016

Captivating Lines on Health

These are lines from the book "The science of being Well" by Wallace .D.Wattles  that give valuable tips on healthy living:-
  • Learn how to think perfect health.
  • Form a mental picture of yourself as being well, imagining a perfect strong and healthy body.Spend time in contemplating this image to make it your habitual thought of yourself
  • God, the formless substance does not see disease or recognize disease.Disease is recognized only by the thought of humanity.
  • If a person will think only thoughts of perfect health, all the power of life will be exerted to assist him.This is to be adhered by him in performing the external or voluntary functions of living in a healthy manner to sustain it.
  • First step is to "Learn how to think perfect health".
  • Second step is to learn how to eat,drink, breathe and sleep in a perfectly healthy way.
  • Any thought continuously held by a person tends to the establishment of the corresponding condition in his body.
  • Always think of the way strong people do things.Always think of yourself in connection with the strong way of doing things.
  • Drop all investigation as to your present condition, it's causes or possible results and set yourself to the  work of forming a conception of health.
  • All thoughts to be in harmony with the conception of health.
  • If you do not have faith, you will doubt, if you doubt you will fear and if you fear you will relate yourself in mind to that which you fear.
  • In order to practice the science of being well, you must have complete faith in health.  
  • You must believe that there is more health power than disease power both in yourself and in your environment.
  • Assert with faith that you are well.
  • The natural time and healthy time to eat is when one is hungry.Never eat when you are not hungry.


  1. Valauble Points mentioned.. A good Post!

  2. Apt points on being healthy.Thanks, Rajeev, for sharing the name of the book.

  3. Thank you Ravish! This author has written another popular book "The science of getting rich".

  4. Like Martin Luther King, who said "faith is taking the first step even when you do not see the whole staircase." can indeed move mountains..thought provoking post!

  5. Thank you Sunita for sharing your thought on the subject!

  6. This is great, quite informative!