Monday, 9 May 2016

Pearls of Wisdom

At the time of the wedding of my son Manas to Niranjana on 8th May 2015, I would like to share and recapture the Pearls of wisdom imparted by Mr Sugi Sivam, noted speaker in Tamilnadu, during the “Newly married Couples” program in Hyundai on 18th of February 2010. 

1)       Do not give room for a third person to enter into your married life- not even your mother, brother or sister

2)      Accept certain things which form the core or basic nature of your partner. Don’t try to change him or her in this aspect. As for example your partner is very religious & you don’t like this.

3)      Retain the closeness & attraction that you feel for each other till the end

4)      Problems arise because of the many expectations you have from the partner. Instead practice acceptance

5)      Never compare your spouse with anyone else. Can you compare a Rose with a Lily? Each flower is unique & beautiful in its own way

6)      His advice to husbands: when you come home tired from office, wife tells about a lot of problems, just listen to it silently

7)      The moments of love is the only thing that remains at the end of life

8)      You can’t love anybody if you keep looking for limitations /faults in the other

9)      When you go out with your wife, give undivided attention to her and don’t focus on friends or other people

10)  Avoid being self-centered; keep the wellbeing of spouse always in mind.
I had earlier published it in July 2014 under the title “Harmonious Happiness”.