Sunday, 17 April 2016

Jacob's Kingdom of heaven ( Jacobinte Swargarajyam- Malayalam)- Film Review

This is not a single movie
but two movies
a first half movie
and a second half one
it seems like it's directed by two people!

Yet had gone to watch it
as it boasted of the young director
successful director, Vineet Srinivasan
and new heart throb Nivin Pauly, in the lead

The first half is like a home video
a poor imitation of  Bollywood
a la KKKG of Karan Johar
perhaps wrong casting of Renji Panicker
as head of family added to the fiasco!

The second half is pretty good
ravelling the real plot of film
based on real life story of an NRI businessman
cheated by a 'friend'
ending up in humiliation
and financial mess!

How his wife and son
rebuild and reunite family
form the rest of the story
Nivin Pauly looks lost in the first half
comes into his own in the second
the character though that stands out
is that of his mother 'Shirly'
played by Lakshmy Ramakrishnan!

Two movies in one movie
even if one is pretty good
the yawns from the first
pulls down overall impact
of film to 'Average'!

Beware Vineet, do your homework
takng audience for granted
could prove costly
in the long run...


  1. very interesting presentation :-)

  2. That's a short and crisp review. :)

  3. This is such a fun movie review :)

  4. Your review is amusing, even though the movie is not... with an advise to the director..!

  5. I have posted link on the FB page of director.Don't know what's in store for me. given the times we are living in with commited fans who generally can't take negative feedback on their idols...

  6. Enjoyed the review Rajeev..I am sure Vineet will learn the tricks of the trade slowly and steadily!

  7. Thank you Sunita! Vineeth Sreenivasan is a good director .He has taken critically acclaimed & commercially successful films like "Thattathin Marayathu"
    It is for this reason that I was a bit disappointed with this effort and didn't want him to slip back...

  8. I am from Tamil nadu I like Malayalam Movies very much, in contrast I heard many Malayalam people like VIJAY, AJITH, SURYA, ALLU ARJUN. Tollywood is completely opposite to molly wood, whereas kolly wood is mixture of both the tolly wood and molly wood. Movies Made by Malayalam Industries are heart warming and life oriented, where you can at least learn something for your Life. I wish People from Malayalam film industry release their movies in Tamil with subtitles so that it will reach wider audience. Because artistic work should reach more people in the world. I used to read all the latest Kerala News in Malayalam from this site, check it , would be useful.

  9. Thank you for your comment which I saw only now.These days more and more Malayalam movies are releasing with English subtitles- Bangalore days, oru vadakan selfie, om shanti oshana & others. You may like to watch them.
    Thank you for the link on Malayalam news- will check it out.

  10. Hai, I’m From Andhra, I love Malayalam Movies, and they are soft romantic and gentle. On the whole Malayalam movies give a gentle good feeling without much violence (from the films I watched). I have only one thing to say for Malayalam Industry, Really the actors should look after their physique both male and female actors. Malayalam Actors who work in other Industries have transformed very well about their physique. Those who did thing are still in the Industry and those who don’t are disappeared long ago. Nayanthara is the perfect example for this. In every other technique Malayalam is much better than the other Industries In India. I hope someone will listen and think about this. I read lot of
    Malayalam cinema news (chalachithram ) mollywood news here. Hope you enjoy too. Wishing a great year for Malayalam film Industry.

  11. Thank you so much for your detailed comment and your interest and concern for malayalam films!