Friday, 8 April 2016

LOA Series - 9 Money and LOA

Whether it is money, health or peace
you get what you think & feel  about...

The subject of money
is actually two subjects
one relates to freedom and ease feeling
that momey brings

The other relates to fear & disappointment feeling
feeling of 'not enough money'
that the  absence of money induces

If you focus on the first, freedom & ease
you get that-  adequate money
conversely if you focus on lack & fear
you get that-  not enough money

If  in present situation, there is less money
stop thinking and speaking of  what is
think thoughts that feel different & prosperous
as you think them...

 NB:  Law of Attraction-  LOA
Source literature: Esther & Jerry Hicks (The teachings of Abraham)


  1. Good lines.
    Yes, we get what we think and feel..

  2. Truly said. What we think is what we become.

  3. Thank you Journalist and Dipanwita!

  4. Very inspiring and informative :)

  5. so rightly said Rajeevji :) awesome!

  6. Thank you Purba and Shweta.Your feedback is always motivating!