Thursday, 31 July 2014


Fire is just fire
it is neutral
it is niether good or bad

One can use it to cook
use as light & warmth
in a dark cold forest
or use it to burn others
or self like the suicide bombers..

similar is the truth with poetry & the fine arts
can be used to lament, condemn
dwell on the dark sides of life
wallow in self pity..

One can also use fine art & writing
to exhort, motivate
focus on the rainbow & sunshine
rather than on the dark clouds.
the choice is yours...


  1. Very true.
    Choice is our's. We make it friend/foe...

  2. We always have the choice to do anything. We have the power and we choose how to handle it. A great attempt in delivering your message :)

  3. We know there are choices. But only wisdom can guide us to choose the best. Good one!

  4. Thank you Anita,Sakshi & sibi for liking this one and also sharing your thoughts on the subject..

  5. Absolutely true.. the choice totally belongs to the artists !!

  6. Thank you jyotsna for sharing your thoughts on the subject..