Sunday, 20 July 2014

Ramanujan - Movie Review

yesterday I  had the privilege
of watching the biopic
'Ramanujan' on the silver screen
a story of the trials, tribulations
success, glory & pain
of the mathematical genius..
Srinivasa ramanujan

lived every moment
along with the protagonist
as he moved from childhood to adulthood
his brillance as a child and later..
maths craze, bordering on madness
financial struggles, rejection

marriage, fleeting,stolen moments of love
pains of seperation and journey to UK
alienation in culture,food, climate
yet unstinted support from Hardy, the mentor  professor
falling prey to the dreaded tuberculosis
Glory atlast - declared fellow of the Royal Society

Return to India to a tumultuous welcome
some moments again with the beloved spouse
TB's victory & world's loss
of a genius at 32!
his findings serving many disciplines
like computers as late as in 2012

Whom do I thank
for enlightening us on a great son..
for making this Indian  proud
to share citizenship with a genius-
the writer Director gnana Rajasekaran?
the wonderful technicians behind camera?
or the perfect cast of Abhinay Vaddi, suhasini,Bhama& others?

And what rating can I give
a cinema so balanced
no number relevant
for saluting this  work
on  the man of numbers
a must see for all  Indians!


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