Tuesday, 19 August 2014


I met a man today
so much of positivity..

After many years spent working
he had decided to take the plunge
in to full time social service
teach others yoga, with focus
not merely on the physical
but a lot on the spiritual
and inputs on kaya kalpa yoga as well

Discussions with him
was to be brief & to the point
just for exploring possibility
of utilising at our premises
the noble services on offer

But time flew while the talk flowed
for we were relaxed & unguarded
no planning & plotting was  required
to take this conversation forward
for it was effortless
enjoyable and fulfilling

As he took leave
I was feeling energized
every day we meet many people
interacting with some
leave our energy levels depleted
we feel exhausted..
while others like him leave us
 with high energy levels!


  1. Good post Rajeev, there still are people who are selfless.

  2. Thank you Shweta for liking this one & sharing your thoughts..