Wednesday, 20 August 2014


We trust people
of whom we know a lot
we tend to be wary
of the unknown..

which is why
many feel that "a known devil
is better than an unknown angel"
This is the reason
we stick on to unhappy jobs
abusive marriages
manipulative friendships..

Yet, trust can be developed
with many more people
by disclosing more & more about us
to others-our backgrounds,likes,dislikes
priorities,aspirations & diappointments...

and also by seeking feedback
from others- what they honestly
 think about our behaviour
as exhibited on the job,at home
in social situations...

As you know more & more
you relax & begin to trust another
even if the person is not perfect
after all, you know the person well
you know what to expect, plus or minus
you can trust him/her!

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