Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Shades of Love

As a young man then
listening to an experienced senior
I was in a  light hearted mood
felt what he was saying
was not of immediate significance

yet, he was in  all earnestness
explaining how love, its intensity
and meaning changed over a time & period
he started from  the beginning..

As a young couple
love meant excitement
yearning for a telephone call
and passionate letters
when away from each other

Later, with the arrival of children
the love got diffused & diverted
to the new VIP  members...
and he, the husband felt
a little  lost- a little ignored

With time...
The content in the letters changed
from "miss you so much dear!" to
"water the plants and
don't forget the monthly provisions
before my return."

These changes he concluded
are natural , to be expected
and to be accepted gracefully
the younger "me" then, was not convinced..

but he was very clear
unwavering in his view
wisdom of experience dancing on his brow
 Today with salt & peppered hair
 I can understand him
 his point of view  better

But what  of those
who lack similar maturity & acceptance
who  refuse to accept
the varying shades of love...?