Monday, 15 September 2014

Grit, Challenge, Determination

Last night I saw the flick, Mary Kom
had tears in my eyes at the end of film
the audience rose spontaneously
as the national anthem played
in honour of the nation & Mary Kom

It hit me then, the simple truth
that achievements of Indians
more so of women
are so much more laudable
as they make it against heavy odds
poverty, sports federations
family pressures, cultural pressures!

and yet,but for the cricketeers
others are forgotten & fade away
some sell hard earned world medals
to make two ends meet...

I salute the makers,
the crew before & behind the camera
I salute Mary Kom
the gritty determined
five time world champion who
tasted success before & after marriage
even after motherhood!

Her saga of grit, challenge
and determination continues
as she eyes the championship
for the sixth time
come 2016...

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