Thursday, 15 May 2014

When you look at it....

When you look at it ...
it is so easy to misunderstand
relationships built painstaikingly
over the years
can break on a single instance

Friends can turn in to foes
close relatives enemies
understanding turn into misunderstanding
in seconds... so fragile
are our relationships

Yet eons ago Lakshman
on Bharat, approaching the forest
accompanied by the army
accused him of treachery-
one not satisfied with the banishment
wanted to kill & snuff out
any claimant, once for all

But Ram chided him
for harbouring such thoughts
of a noble brother
agitated Lakshman asked Ram
to compare him, Lakshman to Bharat

If I were to ask you, said Ram
to jump in to the fire
"Why Bhaiyya, what wrong did I do" you'd ask
but Bharat would simply
in the very moment
jump in to the fire!

Yes, today easy has it become
to misunderstand...
inspired by the legends
we can perhaps, pause a little
and be kinder before
assigning motives negative
to friends,relatives,loved ones
as  more closer the relationship
the more harsher are we on them

Yes, when you look at it
it is easy to misunderstand.....


  1. True. Misunderstandings can arise as cause the death of relationships.
    When own family can misunderstand, what can we say of others?

  2. It requires a certain calm and collected approach to handle information that one may perceive as being derogatory to self. Yes, sometimes one small trigger is enough to destroy long relationships, and it is always better to try to mend things before they become completely irretrievable.

  3. A big Thanks to both of you for penning your thoughts on the subject.It adds to the significance of the poem.