Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Spontaneous Overflow of What's Deep Down...

The bad boy of Bollywood cinema
"Annadata" of visual media
is finally nailed on a matter
he had the least intention to offend

But then, the public figures
need to be careful in words
not indulge in small talk
as in a college canteen
or at a get together with cronies...

Footnote : If you do  not want such attitudes to exist  even in casual conversations of ordinary folks, Swatch Bharat has to also  address cleaning of minds conditioned over a long period of time.A  lot of time and effort is to be invested for educating young minds and re educating the older ones.Cosmetic knee jerk reactions do little to solve the problems that emanate from seeds sown deep down.


  1. I so agree with you, it was so completely shocking!

  2. Thank you for sharing your thought Mridula.Most are reluctant to talk on this one...

  3. Are you talking about comment Salman Khan made recently? If yes, it was in bad taste. It simply trivialised a grave issue that only victims can relate to.

  4. Agree with you Abhijit, more so when celebreties are speaking, as stated in the poem.Yet people do it all the time perhaps, not with deliberate conscious intention.Lot more effort is essential to pull out such attitudes from the level of the roots as mentioned in the footnote.