Monday, 13 June 2016

Captivating Lines from Here and There- 9

  • We all tend to worship on the altar of price and technology. Yet it is  most often the rare personal service or assistance we receive that captures our loyalty as customers- Rick Conlow, ceo & senior Partner of wcw Partners , a performance improvement company.
  • The communicator's pledge: "Whether or not I agree or disagree with what you say, I will respect your right to say it and I will try to understand it from your point of view.This in turn helps me to communicate my point of view to you more effectively" in the book "Crystal clear communication"by Kris Coll
  • The secret of the genius is to carry the spirit of the child in to old age.
  • An accumulation of negative emotions about one's self is the cause of poor self image- Gary Craig, Founder of EFT,
  • One way to take the sting out of confrontational or difficult relationship is to imagine the people as your own "Personal emotional trainer"(PET).Disguised as everyday people, they are all training you to choose love- Rhonda Bryne, author of "The Secret".
  • A corporation's structure will produce better performance if and only it improves the organization's ability to make and execute key decisions better and faster than competitors- From the book "The decision driven organization"by Marcia Blenco, Michael Mankins & Paul Rogers.
  • Mnemonic for managing body language ( SO CLEAR ) - By Kris Coll
         S    the way you Sit, Stand & use Space
         O    Openness of your expression & movements
         C    how exclusively you centre your attentionon the other person
         L   how you lean to show attention
         E    the way you make eye contact
         A    how appropriately you respond to the speaker
         R    how relaxed and balanced you are when communicating
  • Throw out from your vocabulary words like terrible, horrible, disgusting & awful because when you say these words, they come with strong feelings.Instead use words like fantastic, amazing, fabulous, brilliant, wonderful  -  Rhonda Bryne   


  1. The secret of the genius is to carry the spirit of the child in to old age....Wow I am sharing on my timeline.

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