Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Deep Down

Deep down, we are all the same
no matter what the differences
in skin- brown, white, black, off white
deep down we are all the same!

Deep down. we all want the same things..
love, respect, caring
a smile, a pat
yes, deep down humans globally
want the same things!

Deep down, a man
can never be happy
when a brother is starving
striving,grieving in another
part of the world

Deep down for individual happiness
 we need at  global level
happiness, health, wellbeing.....
smiles  on the face of man
And  mankind!

PS: This poem was written on the focal theme "Vasdeva Kutumbakam" of the Kafla International's 10th international writers festival, India


  1. Absolutely! And yet, we have so many barriers and so much discrimination.

  2. Yes, yet as an optimist I believe that one day all the barriers will break down.Thank you Rachna for sharing your thoughts.